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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Feminism & Sisterhood by Ajara Bomah, Sierra Leone

What Does Feminism and Sisterhood mean to you?

  Feminism means equality and support for Women’s rights. Feminism is a way for us as women to advocate for fairness in the workplace, society, politics, economic empowerment, and a way for us to define ourselves as women. Sisterhood is supporting other women regardless of race, color, class, educational background, someone to laugh with and a shoulder to cry on, someone to agree and disagree with, the mentor, the friend, the one to direct you when you’re going wrong, a Sister.

In what ways can women work together to bring change in their various communities?

As women we need to support each other even when we don’t like each other. We need to put aside our difference and work together There is strength in unity and men know how to bring discord amongst us so we don’t achieve the bigger goals. We also need to be role models and mentors to younger women within our community. Lead by example and they shall follow.

How has Feminism and Sisterhood Impacted your Life?

I am a member of two major women organizations a sorority and Masonry. I have met sisters of all shades, colors, class and from all around the world. We do not always get along, but we all work towards achieving the same goals, supporting other women to reach greater heights of attainment.  By having a network of sisters that I can look up to, I have been able to reach higher heights and I still push to reach excellence. When I  fall, someone is there to encourage me to get up and try again. When I want to quiet, they remind me of the bigger picture, by following these examples and seeing women of color like myself  achieve greatness in life, I know that I too am a role models for the younger generation of women

Ajara Bomah, Events & Project Management Consultant 

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