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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Event Alert:Win Tickets to SHE Summit week Today!


As  SheSummitWeek launches this week, New York city's young female entrepreneurs and professionals gear up for what will be a eventful week of fabulous events to help build their knowledge on various content areas network and overall meet driven and motivated women just like themselves. The event has been described as the New York Fashion week of entrepreneurship geared towards women. We have 4 free ALL access passes to give! We at WomenChange are excited to be working at the event and will be share to post on events we attend. We compiled the top 5 reasons for attending SHE summit Week.

1. Network, Network, Network

The type of women who will be there are truly one of a kind and we look forward to having some good  conversations with some of the power moguls that will be in the house.

2.  Events are very diverse and meet various needs. There is something for everybody!

Events range from how to build your brand, dressing appropriately for professional reasons, women in the event planning business, how to boost your negotiation skills

3. Great platform to promote yourself

Because you will meet so many women you will have the unique opportunity to promote yourself through various conversations

4. Support our fellow African sister and change maker Sarran Kaba Jones.

Sarran Kaba Jones founder of  FACE Africa an organization that provides free clean water to the people of liberia, and is heavily involved in women's empowerment in the country as well. FACE Africa  will be hosting a popup sale via DKNY and we should  definitely show our support to the organization.

5. You can win a free pass to SHE summit by Monday at 8am if you do the following.

  • Post in our comments section on WomenChangeAfrica a statement about what defines you as an Woman Entrepreneur, Humanitarian or Professional and why you think you should be our lucky winner! 
Winners will be awarded tickets on Monday at 8am! Hurry offer closes at 12 midnight tonight and winners will be announced tomorrow! 


  1. Osazeme Oh is a British-Nigerian, South-African-bred food interlocutor, who thinks in the language and poetry of food. She is the head chef and owner of Khandja Kalabash a Harlem based boutique culinary firm. Her passion afro-fusion cooking was forged at a very young age. She is dedicated to the preservation, appreciation and proliferation of African culinary practices & cuisines. She hopes to bring some of her quirkiness to the African Culinary Experience by combining traditional and contemporary methods and ingredients to introduce new dimensions of flavour to African cuisine. She believes that food is connected to every essential part of the human experience, and is a candid way of expressing LOVE. In the battle against hunger, homophobia, bigotry and racism, cuisine is her tool of choice! Attending SHE Summit Week would be an excellent opportunity to showcase my business. I will also be able to engage with other women and potentially expand my professional networks. As a Chef, with a very specific niche much of my business is based on referrals and leveraging personal and professional networks as a result I am constantly looking for ways to grow.

    1. Thanks so much for your submission we will definitely be in touch soon! Stay tuned :)

  2. I am a Ugandan-born journalist based in NYC. I am passionate about telling African narratives in our own voices, especially in non-African or Western media.

    I think it is important to be resourceful to other women and share information actively, enthusiastically and responsibly. I learned this habit from other women who continue to help me achieve my goals. I believe that active and deliberate sharing of time, skills and resources defines me as an entrepreneur and professional. Thanks.

  3. Wow amazing work Aroa thanks for sharing we will be in touch soon to share our winners! :)

  4. My name is Rebekah Frimpong and I am a Ghanaian- American. As a filmmaker, mentor, activist, and entrepreneur, the most important thing I like to adhere to is keeping my eye on Africa especially continuing to inspire the youth of the continent today. Having a varied background in science and medicine as well as the arts has allowed me to successfully build relationships that help me educate the youth of Africa today and have helped me continue done a path of fulfilled destiny. I have been able to work on three major campaigns through my production company BGNB Productions. My first project started in Haiti called Vanishing Seeds, then my next project took me to Kenya and Uganda called the MaMa Africa Program, and most recently I have launched a new magazine and project called Young African Visionaries which is the bases of my graduate school thesis. I have made my daily work be focused on global health from an aspect of mind body and soul using a creative edge and art focus to push this platform forward.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by WomenChange Africa Rebecca! we admire your work as an African Women Entrepreneur and Activist and will be in touch shortly about the next set of ticket wins!

    2. Please leave us your email address to contact you should you win a ticket! Thanks


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