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Thursday, September 20, 2018

This body and skin care Company produces ethical, organic skinfood

We meet the amazing Mahawa Kamara, based in the United Kingdom and founder of the Soap Connoisseur. Mahawa is inspired by faith, family and business and this is what drives what she does with SC. We are proud to share her story and some insights from her business on this month's Bosschiques Build Series. 

WCA: Our theme this year is African Women Build and as a young African woman on the continent it is exciting to see you building your company Soap Connoisseur. Tell us about the concept of Soap Connoisseur what inspired it?

SC:  I was inspired whilst on maternity leave after having my little girl. I was in between jobs and struggling to find something to bath my daughter with. I came across soapmaking and fell in love with process of using natural oils and butters to form an everyday functional product.

WCA: Who is the ideal Soap Connoisseur?

SC: it is ideal for the individual who wants to live an organic lifestyle is looking for luxury everyday products , that are organic to be incorporated into their lifestyle

WCA: Why soap and which of the products that you make is your favorite and why?

SC: Soap is an everyday product , that we sometimes take for granted and being able to turn it into something unique and the craftmanship behind product creation is very exciting. The soap are many favorite, there is some much you can do and make with them , the possibilities are endless.

WCA: Faith is such a huge part of your business. Why is faith so important and how does it impact your business decisions?

SC: Yes it is. Faith is my foundation , I really started my business by faith as I had no idea what I was doing , I was on state benefit and desired more for myself . After praying about the idea , I took the bold step to start the soap connoisseur and haven’t looked back since. Faith impacts everything I do , including my business. I make sure that my business honors God , I pray over my business and the decisions I take first before taking them. Having faith and using my faith , has built my confidence and given me the direction I need.

WCA:  How important is self-care to your business and share 2 self-care tips that you share with your clients with us?

SC: Self care is so important to us, we are all about taking care of yourself and the skin you live in , so you can be the best you. We encourage our clients to always take time out to rest and pamper themselves , this helps to replenish your mind and get reconnected with yourself. Two self care tips will be use Sunday as your self care day , set some time aside in the evening , run yourself a bath , pamper your skin by double cleansing and indulge in some serious me time. The second one will be use a body brush and dry brush before taking a bath , it will make a huge difference to you and that extra glow.

WCA: Any advice for women entrepreneurs starting out in this industry?
SC: Where do I start . Be clear about what you are offering and do you research , once you are a clear on how you solve the customers problems , the other things tend to fall into place. Be confident and focus and be open to partnerships . always ask for help and find a mentor.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

We Celebrate 3 years of Pangea in Sierra Leone

We celebrate Bosschique Margaret Kadi of Pangea this week. Upon Celebrating their 3rd birthday Anniversary we wanted to highlight the achievements of this locally sourced furniture and home decor Brand. Based in Sierra Leone, Margaret Kadi and her Partner work with local artisans with local content materials to develop unique handmade furniture and home made ware.  

Margaret Kadi, Pangea Sl Photocredit Ronnie Photography 
Over the years she has worked with the African Women's Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP), which she serves as the Executive Director to the Sierra Leone Branch, she has also worked with highly esteemed companies both in Sierra Leone and also internationally.

Homemade furniture made by Pangea 
Her work has been seen in companies such as Orange Sierra Leone, The Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel and many others.

Local Artisans at Pangea Sl

Today we celebrate Margaret and her achievements, as someone with a heart for developing the talent of local artisans in Sierra Leone and bringing art in an unconventional way to new avenues in the country.

We celebrate this Bosschique and wish her well on her endeavors. 

Homemade furniture made by Pangea 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Legacy Collection by Edwina Kulego Launches 6 non traditional lipstick nudes for women of color

WCA is excited to announce that  our recently featured Bosschique,  Edwina Kulego is launching her second beauty collection in collaboration with Celfie Cosmetics in August 2018. The Legacy Collection is a 6 color, vegan crème lipstick collection inspired by the success of the bestselling color “Nogah” from her first collection “Essentials By Edwina.”


The Legacy Collection features 6 non-traditional nudes for women of color. In today’s beauty market finding your perfect nude shade shouldn’t be a hassle, yet it remains a problem that many women with darker skin tones face; The Legacy Collection serves as a solution.


Creating a luxurious and classic product for the everyday woman was key to the collaboration. Edwina was also adamant about making the collection 100% cruelty free. Thanks to the soft and creamy properties of the product, it applies evenly, without creasing or drying the lips. The colors: Liberia, Egypt, Ghana, Angola, Congo and Yaounde are all inspired by and represent a destination in Africa. Varying from a deep, pigmented chocolate hue to a blissful beige, the colors of The Legacy Collection are perfect for a bare face look as well as a glam night out. With Edwina’s background growing up in Sweden, an appreciation for minimalism was captured in the design details which features a sleek black and gold aesthetic; one of Edwina’s favorite color combinations.


The dynamic campaign features fashion and beauty heavy hitters including Ursula Stephen, Sharifa Murdock and Rachel Johnson. “I wanted to gather group of my girlfriends who happen to be inspiring women from all walks of life who influence and create their own Legacy” – Edwina Kulego. In February 2018 celebrity hair stylist, Ursula Stephen named the color “Ghana” the “perfect nude lip.” After this statement, it was evident that Edwina and Celfie cosmetics were addressing a specific need in today’s market. Edwina states: “I immediately wanted every woman to feel the same way.”  

Born and raised in Sweden by Ghanaian parents, Edwina Kulego manages International Business Development at UBM Fashion Group while running her own company The Kulego Group. Edwina has established herself as a prominent figure within the fashion and global business space; engaging in public speaking, brand collaborations, philanthropy and strategic partnerships.

Started in 2014 by New York native Nicole Harding, Celfie Cosmetics is a company that empowers
people everywhere through the magic of makeup and expression. Celfie Cosmetics supplies stand-out eye and lip makeup products that enhance the natural beauty of faces across the globe. Successful collaborations include TV show star, Claudia Jordan and Miss Universe Kenya, Scarlet Were. 

The collection will be available on & on August 15th. Launching in Scandinavia and in the UK on September 1st. For every lipstick sale, Edwina Kulego and Celfie Cosmetics will donate $0.25 to African Health Now, a non profit organization that provides accessibility to primary health care in Africa.

For more on how to shop the collection visit

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Building Culture, Community and Food: Introducing Fulani Kitchen

Fatmata Binta of Fulani Kitchen
Fatmata Binta was born and raised in Freetown Sierra Leone to first generation Sierra Leonean Fulanis of Guinean descent. She describes herself as the Fulani Chef, a classic nomad. She has traveled to several continents and has worked with many African chefs.
She’s also been featured on several TV shows and media outlets across the African continents. She is now based in Accra, Ghana where she is building a rich culinary experience through her Fulani traditional dining pop ups. Her vision is to promote Fulani culture through food, bring people closer and to promote african cuisine to the world.

WCA: Tell us a bit about  Fulani Kitchen and what inspired you to launch your brand?

FC: The motivation behind Fulani Kitchen is to promote the cuisine I grew up eating  and Fulani culture. I fear Fulani culture is slowing disappearing and believe food is not only the best way to preserve our culture but also share it with the world. Nothing brings people together like food. Ultimately my vision is to promote Fulani cuisine on a global scale by taking Fulani Kitchen on the road like my nomadic ancestors.

WCA: Who is the ideal Fulani coinnoseur ?
FC: An elder in the Fulani  community, such as my grandmother. They not only know the best ingredients and where to get those ingredients but the stories behind each dish. They don’t use modern tools but never miss the exact quantity required. They are not only great chefs but also teachers, doctors, counselors, and leaders.

WCA: What is your favorite fulani meal and why?
FC: My favourite Fulani meal is Lachirie eh corssan, prepared with steamed corn, sugar and fermented cow milk. Growing up there was always this excitement of attending celebratory ceremonies ( naming ceremony,weddings) where you get to reunite with cousins and we always shared that particular meal together in one bowl. It was served last and we used to hang around our aunts and moms as they serve the men asking them to please save a good portions for us cause if not we may end up not getting a portion of it.

WCA: A huge element of WCA is community and we see that with your events you host, tell us what community and sisterhood means to you?

FC: Sisterhood and community means a lot to me, based on my cultural norm (Fulani) I believe sisterhood is having a women(young and old) who support, guide, love and tell you the truth in all situations. A community is a group of sisterhoods, families and brotherhoods that work and support each other to achieve have a common vision. Without strong communities society dies.  

WCA: As someone who is constantly creating new things and building a powerful brand, how do you overcome creative block and how to you handle fear when you want to step into new territory ?
FC: I have been lucky not to experience creative block and I’m naturally a fearless person. I try to remain authentic as possible and mostly I share experiences I have lived from my childhood to date. My key challenge is feeling overwhelmed and anxious about bringing to life my numerous ideas on food.

WCA: Any advice for women entrepreneurs starting out in this industry?

FC: Yes! Believe in yourself and trust your journey even the baby steps, work smart and surround yourself with the right people above all start small and don’t be afraid to fail.

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