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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Bosschiques on the Rise: 5 millennial Sierra Leonean creative entrepreneurs to watch

Sierra Leone like most African countries has seen an upsurge in youth unemployment, with little to minimal opportunities for youth even as they graduate college, young women in Sierra Leone are not sitting by and letting the status quo define them. As we celebrate Global Entrepreneurship week, we thought it would be good to highlight 5 of the millennial in Sierra Leone taking the entrepreneurial landscape by storm. We celebrate the many young female owned business in Sierra Leone.

Mahawa Lahai:  Chelma's Design 

A boutique be spoke accessories company, Chelma is bold, creative and out of the box in the accessories and clothing they create. The founder  Mahawa Lahai takes pride in hand making every accessory fit for women men and caters to specific occasions as well, including weddings, parties, etc. From frill earrings, to peplum belts, to hand made crossage flowers for weddings, to kids clothing, Chelma is your one stop accessory and clothing  spot if you want something unique for your occasion and out of the box. Tell her what you want ad she will make it come alive. For more on Chelma Designs Chelma's Design.

Kaata Peters & Maama Minah : JNAP Ventures 

Two years ago JNAP Ventures an enterprise was founded by two sisters Kaata Minah-Peters and Her sister Maama Minah. The company provides extra academic activities and extra curricular activities for children ages 5-15. In addition to their services the company provides event planning and curated child experiences in the form of kiddie birthday parties, afterschool sessions etc. The company also provides personalized  apparel for various events such as birthday parties, workshop etc. For more on JNAP Ventures visit JNAP Ventures.

Ramona Sankoh:  Monaj Designs

From ankara inspired planners, to handmade earrings and funky fanny packs, Ramona Sankoh's pieces are for the everyday professional woman with style. Her office accessories are what wow-ed us when we first met her at the Night Market hosted by Vickie Remoe Doherty this past December. For more on Monaj visit Monaj Designs.


Favour Chidinma Martins: Dinma's Glow Makeup

What we love about Favour is her dedication to her craft. Sierra Leone is buzzing with a new upsurge of beauty experts but what truly sets any professional apart is their customer service, attention to detail, professionalism and how they connect with their clientele. This is part of who Favour is and what makes Dinma's Glow stand out. They are definitely a beauty and makeup company we have our seal on. For more on Dinma's make up visit Dinma's Glow.

Iye Jalloh: Nanurture 

With so much creativity and talent on the rise in Sierra Leone, who is there to tap into this talent, showcase the talent and help them grow? In comes Iye Jalloh founder of Nanurture an organization that connects talent with suitable clients, members, business partners, investors, sponsors and recruiters. With Nanurture around we know the creative sector in Sierra Leone will not only boom but hopefully grow and find sustainable ways to thrive and be recognized as a profession. For more on Nanurture follow their page Nanurture.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Changing the Face of Sierra Leonean Music: Reems Entertainment

We Celebrate the founders of Reems Entertainment, an all female owned marketing company with the goal of helping to nurture and market talented Sierra Leonean musicians and artists to a global platform. WCA sat with the ladies of the company for an interview:

WCA: Our theme this year is African Women Build and as a young African woman on the continent it is exciting to see you building your marketing company Reems Entertainment, tell us a bit about why you decided to launch this business?

RE: We decided to launch this business because in a country like ours, there is a need for professional marketers and we deem it fit to have a company, where it’s an all-female marketing/entertainment company to push what we know and what we have passion for. Our company is the only all-female marketing/entertainment company in Sierra Leone. Our CEO happens to be a Celebrity whose background is in Psychology who gets to meet people every day and has met so many people in different business, and was a quick like in Sierra Leone, while the other partner’s background is in Accounting and Business Management, making it a really good blend, making the decision to collaborate very easy.  Marketing is dealing with people; customer service is our priority and we stand for what we believe in. A marketing company was simply the easiest business that we can all do, matching our strengths and skills.

WCA: What inspired you to target artists in Sierra Leone?

RE: As mentioned earlier, being a celebrity and dealing with entertainers’ day in and day out, was the major reason. I know what we are lacking and what we are lacking is branding/Marketing. We do have talents; however, we don’t know how to execute, we don’t have really good teams to help us in Sierra Leone. A lot of these artists, only go to the studio and sing, but doesn’t really know what being a star comes with, which also builds the frustrations, as it feels that they don’t grow at all. After the Branding Master Class, I myself learned a lot and basically thought, the first step to dealing with these artists is to teach them, how to brand and market themselves. A lot of the know are experienced and know what It takes but majority doesn’t. They don’t understand branding and that it comes with being a celebrity. So therefore, teaching them will be the ultimate first step and everything else will follow.

WCA: What are the some of the challenges you experience as women entrepreneurs in a male dominated field as music?

RE: A major challenge is the fact that they don’t believe in it, collectively as a society we sometimes have this idea that women together are a disaster, so we get to hear, this company is not going to last, because women fight all the time and there is no future in an all female business. As much as we are proud to say that we are an all-female company, we also get to hear, where are the men? Without a man, it will be hard for it to succeed. Our vision, mission and goal, gives us the strength and we know we are in it to win it, whatever they can do we can also do better.

WCA: How do you infuse culture with your work?

RE: By respecting each other, being able to speak up when need be, every one knows their roles and responsibilities, we try to make work a safe, fun and healthy environment.

WCA:  What has been your greatest success to date what is your goal for Sierra Leonean music through Reems?

RE: Our major success is since the signing of Empress Pee a Sierra Leonean female artist, who is now recognized as one of the best female rappers in Sierra Leone. Our goal, is for Sierra Leone music to be heard across the continent, and then the world, and for our videos to be played in major countries, because visuals sell, and our superstars need to being recognized.

WCA: What is your vision for Reems Entertainment in the next 5 years?

RE: To make Reems one the biggest marketing, branding and entertainment companies in Sierra Leone.

WCA: Any advice for women entrepreneurs and artists starting out in this industry?

RE: Believe in your dreams, collaborate with other women who has the same aim and vision as you. Don’t take no for an answer, go for what you want and most importantly put God first. Last but not least, remember that hard work does pay off.

For more on their work visit Reems Services SL Limited

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Author Patrice Juah journey's her readers through her new book "Under Ducor Skies"

Patrice Juah Author of Under Ducor Skies 

We celebrate our renowned Bosschique Patrice Juah on the launch of her new poetry compilation titled  Under Ducor Skies  Ranking in #1 for the first two weeks within it's launch on Amazon, Under Ducor Skies is a beautiful work of art and poetry that focuses on the hope that keeps Liberia alive through the eyes of the author. Patrice is a writer, entrepreneur, broadcaster, communications strategist and girls rights advocate who is seeking to change the face of Liberia to the world internationally.

Patrice Juah's new release Under Ducor Skies

Under Ducor Skies is a "reflective journey across lost childhood, war, arduous youth, and caged dreams, to a time of soaring peace, where bullets are finally silenced, with an even greater battle left to silence within. In a town that is a shadow of its previous self, and everything around you tells you that you’ll fail, how do you keep the shredded pieces of hope alive?". 

Patrice Juah Author of Under Ducor Skies 

Patrice has also served as editor a series of poetry books for her  a recent book titled Enchanting Voices a poetry compilation as part of her Sexy Like a Book Initiative. We celebrate Patrice Juah on this new venture and continue to celebrate and applaud her efforts. To purchase the new release visit the Amazon link Here.

WCA has had the priviledge of following Patrice through her journey and we couldn't be more proud of the amazing work she is doing. We continue to wish her success.
Patrice Juah's Edited poetry compilation Enchanting Voices

Thursday, October 4, 2018

This Headwrap Styling Brand Empowers Women in the Diaspora

This month we interview Stephanie Naa-Anyema Quaye founder of Naa Duku.  Naa Duku is a style empowerment and lifestyle brand which aims to bring women together with the art of African inspired headwrap styling in classy and comfortable styles. We chatted with her this month to hear her love for all things style, empowerment and Dukus. 

WCA: Tell us a bit about yourself and your love for headwraps:

ND: My name is Stephanie Naa-Anyema Quaye, 27 years old and born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am of Ghanaian Heritage which I am very proud of. My passion for wearing headwraps started 3 years ago and as I wore the headwraps I became more creative in styling them. Whenever I wear a headwrap, I feel more connected to my Creator, whilst it can be worn for cultural and religious purposes. It is so amazing how a small piece of fabric can make you feel/ look different. The vibrant colors of African fabrics is the fashionable trend of late. With Naa Duku I want to connect other women with each other through the art of African Inspired headwrap Styling in Classy and Comfy styles. It is a ‘Wrap culture’ that connects different women that tap into the African Inspired head pieces. It is my pleasure to uplift & empower individuals to come out of their comfort zones. During my headwrap styling session it goes beyond, fashion, styling and faith. But we focus also on the the mind, feelings and thoughts to use the practical techniques to make every headwrap style count.

WCA: Our theme this year is African Women Build and as a young African woman on the continent it is exciting to see you building your company Naa Duku. Tell us about the concept of Naa Duku what inspired it?

ND: ‘Africa’! I have always said that Africa is my source of inspiration. Unfortunately I have only been to Ghana so far. And hopefully in 2 months time I will visit another African country, to relax the mind & body of the hard work. As I shared earlier on, I am originally from Ghana and the lively atmosphere, people who are approachable are things the ND Brand has adopted. ND specifically focuses on creating cultural awareness of African heritage through the wearing of the headwraps, empowering women to utilize their creativity in developing stylish headwraps and creating a space for women to have a deeper connection and build community with other women. 

WCA: Who is the ideal Duku Queen?

ND: A woman who stands out in her creativity and wear the complete Duku elements in confidence. The ideal ND Woman enjoys wearing the art work that will inspire others.

WCA: Living in the Netherlands as a Ghanaian woman we sure has influenced your product, tell us about how culture influences your art of head wrapping?

ND: The Ghanaian culture puts more emphasis on being hospitable to everyone and especially practicing the good in every setting. The same atmosphere is felt during the Headwrap styling classes that we host. The Duku experience is  fully enjoyed when every woman in our workshops participate with a positive mind.

WCA: Most of your clients are women, so  how do you promote community and how important is sisterhood to the Duku Brand?  

ND: Through my online platforms I empower & encourage women to change their perspective on different aspect of life in general. I also ensure these elements are reflected in my work with headwrapping. Currently all women  can find ND and can join the community via our website. Sisterhood is a very key for the ND brand. Our platform provides women the opportunity to build the special bonds. 

WCA:  What is your favorite style that you tie for clients right now?    

ND: The turban.  (which is simply the Royal look) is my favourite style.
Recently, I created a very unique style which I call the chique hat. Thats also part of my classy styles I love to tie or teach for my clients.

WCA: What is your vision for ND for the next 5 years?

ND: would have grown on global level. A strong Amsterdam based team while I will travel as Headwrap stylist to different countries to allow women to get the Duku experience. I alone take care of Styling, production and Social Media Marketing. In 5 years time or even less its all taken care of by the team. I will supply my client with exclusive and High Quality collection as part of the services ND offers. I am always in for innovative projects so I want to stand out and be the light where there is still darkness.

WCA: What key advice do you have for young female entrepreneurs just starting out on their journey?

ND: There is a lot I can share about my personal journey as a fempreneur but these 2 key points i think are most relevant:

Patience & confidence has brought me where I am today after 11 months building the ND brand.

It is scary to walk into a direction wherein you can’t predict what is coming up. Every female entrepreneur should bare in mind that you will make a lot of mistakes, but they are there to teach you a lesson to grow better & strong You and Brand. Because you rep. Your brand.

After a while you will see the fruits of your labour. The small milestones you have accomplished with your business should be celebrated as well.

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