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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Bosschiques on the Rise: 5 millennial Sierra Leonean creative entrepreneurs to watch

Sierra Leone like most African countries has seen an upsurge in youth unemployment, with little to minimal opportunities for youth even as they graduate college, young women in Sierra Leone are not sitting by and letting the status quo define them. As we celebrate Global Entrepreneurship week, we thought it would be good to highlight 5 of the millennial in Sierra Leone taking the entrepreneurial landscape by storm. We celebrate the many young female owned business in Sierra Leone.

Mahawa Lahai:  Chelma's Design 

A boutique be spoke accessories company, Chelma is bold, creative and out of the box in the accessories and clothing they create. The founder  Mahawa Lahai takes pride in hand making every accessory fit for women men and caters to specific occasions as well, including weddings, parties, etc. From frill earrings, to peplum belts, to hand made crossage flowers for weddings, to kids clothing, Chelma is your one stop accessory and clothing  spot if you want something unique for your occasion and out of the box. Tell her what you want ad she will make it come alive. For more on Chelma Designs Chelma's Design.

Kaata Peters & Maama Minah : JNAP Ventures 

Two years ago JNAP Ventures an enterprise was founded by two sisters Kaata Minah-Peters and Her sister Maama Minah. The company provides extra academic activities and extra curricular activities for children ages 5-15. In addition to their services the company provides event planning and curated child experiences in the form of kiddie birthday parties, afterschool sessions etc. The company also provides personalized  apparel for various events such as birthday parties, workshop etc. For more on JNAP Ventures visit JNAP Ventures.

Ramona Sankoh:  Monaj Designs

From ankara inspired planners, to handmade earrings and funky fanny packs, Ramona Sankoh's pieces are for the everyday professional woman with style. Her office accessories are what wow-ed us when we first met her at the Night Market hosted by Vickie Remoe Doherty this past December. For more on Monaj visit Monaj Designs.


Favour Chidinma Martins: Dinma's Glow Makeup

What we love about Favour is her dedication to her craft. Sierra Leone is buzzing with a new upsurge of beauty experts but what truly sets any professional apart is their customer service, attention to detail, professionalism and how they connect with their clientele. This is part of who Favour is and what makes Dinma's Glow stand out. They are definitely a beauty and makeup company we have our seal on. For more on Dinma's make up visit Dinma's Glow.

Iye Jalloh: Nanurture 

With so much creativity and talent on the rise in Sierra Leone, who is there to tap into this talent, showcase the talent and help them grow? In comes Iye Jalloh founder of Nanurture an organization that connects talent with suitable clients, members, business partners, investors, sponsors and recruiters. With Nanurture around we know the creative sector in Sierra Leone will not only boom but hopefully grow and find sustainable ways to thrive and be recognized as a profession. For more on Nanurture follow their page Nanurture.

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