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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Feminism & Sisterhood by Tamara

What Does Feminism and Sisterhood mean to you?

Feminism means reaching a point where women are held to the same standards as men, no more, and certainly no less and as result can reap the same benefits for their hard work as men. Sisterhood means a sense of belonging with like-minded women.

In what ways can women work together to bring change in their various communities?
I believe women do work together do work together but one of the biggest ways we can do so more effectively is by celebrating our individual choices and not undermining each other. 

How has Feminism and Sisterhood Impacted your Life?

I was raised by a feminist who taught me to be strong and to believe in myself. Throughout my life I have been protected by the sisterhoods I've joined - they have served as my pillar of strength and have been my most dedicated fans on this journey called life.
Tamara Legal Officer


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