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Monday, March 31, 2014

Feminism & Sisterhood, Jemila Abdulai

What Does Feminism and Sisterhood mean to you?

Feminism means paying attention to human rights issues, particularly those affecting girls and women. Sisterhood means compassion, support, encouragement, truth; friendship and relationships that emanate from the simple fact that women have shared experiences and sometimes need a mirror to see clearly. 

In what ways can women work together to bring change in their various communities?

First, by being compassionate towards one another and recognizing that we're all in this together. Secondly, by supporting one another. Too often a woman's efforts are thwarted by another just out of mere spite. Where necessary, tell another woman the truth, but tell it gently. Finally, believing in ourselves and celebrating each other - we need to own our unique voices and have the courage to not only speak up, but also to show up.

How has Feminism and Sisterhood Impacted your Life?

I am so thankful for the many sisters I have. There are many things that the men in life - quite simply - cannot understand. I have often turned to my sisters to let my hair down, to share my vulnerabilities, to feel empowered, to ask questions, seek answers, to own my femininity, to be myself. They inspire me daily. 

Jemila Abdulai,  Tunis, Tunisia
Writer, Development and Media Professional

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  1. Beautifully! Thank you for being you and showing reminding us that sisterhood really does exist.


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