Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Feminism & Sisterhood By Maryam Darwich, Sierra Leone

What Does Feminism and Sisterhood mean to you?

Feminism to me is an ideology of living- one of inspiration, of opportunity, access, respect and an intricate pillar to my religion as a Muslim woman. Sisterhood is an example of the manifestation of that in everyday interaction. It is the binding relationship between women of all nationalities, colour, ages, backgrounds which overcomes all barriers of class, age, education, etc. It is the links based on common experiences and common goals. It is both backward looking and forward looking; one that enshrines principles as well as supports progress.

In what ways can women work together to bring change in their various communities?

Women need to be the biggest advocates of each other in their community. They need to support each other through offering listening ears as well as actively support each other in the achievement of bigger causes. Women have to decide in their respective communities what is their preferred way of achieving change and what is their desired change. These can only be achieved through an appreciation of commonality in cause, an understanding of the value of diversity in progress and in humility and perseverance in action.

How has Feminism and Sisterhood Impacted your Life?

 Feminism is an intricate lens which I use to see and live my religion through. I believe that power hungry people have hijacked the religion for their own interests subjugating women in the process, undermining all the beautiful things that were put in place to protect and help us grow. Only sisterhood can help us regain our religion and spread an understanding of it which reflects its beauty rather than the ugliness of the minority.

                             Maryam Darwich. Lead Consultant and MD at Afriqia HR Solutions, Sierra Leone.

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