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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Connecting Women: She Summit Week Recap

As we complete our Social Entrpreneurship series we thought a good way to go out with a bang was to share our takeaways from S.H.E. Summit Week! Last week we at WomenChange Africa and a few of our friends attended SHE summit week. S.H.E. Summit Week is a series of grassroots, pop-up events designed to inspire and celebrate women. Featuring more than 35 events hosted by woman-run organizations and their inspiring leaders. A few WomenChange Africa friends also attended various events and had an amazing time and a great learning and networking experience.  For those of you who didn't get a chance to attend, no worries at all WCA's got you covered. We asked a few of our friends who attended the event to share their experiences that could help everyone as they start out their ventures. Events are categorized by title and attendees were asked to share a few thoughts about their favorite workshops. Our favorite session was on Branding! Here are a few tips from the branding workshop:

Branding Yourself, Your Business and Your Causes

Branding Workshop From the right Cindy McLain, Style for Hire, Elissa Litt dkny, Carolyn Williams  senior VP at RCA Records, Cheryl VP at Viacom

3 takeaways from us

  • Your brand is your narrative, so you must ensure that your brand aligns with what your customers are saying about your product
  • "Show me your friends and I'll show you who you are" Your friends area huge part of your brand
  • Ensure that you have a "branding filter" this helps you determine who you should associate with as far as clients
What Our Friends Had to Say about S.H.E. Summit Week!


Negotiation Workshop w/Women's Venture Fund
Speaker Ariana J.Tadler Milberg LLP

Name: Arao Ameny, Founder Association of African Journalists and Writers
Favorite Session: The Art of Networking 
 In regards to the networking session, I learned that networking takes practice to get it right. I am naturally soft-spoken and only felt really comfortable talking to people after I knew them very well. After the workshop, I felt empowered because I learned that being as authentic as I possibly can, which is a soft-spoken, can actually bring more people to me since others have to carefully listen to what I am saying. Furthermore, I learned that there are different types of leaders and being one that is approachable is very powerful.Most importantly, I learned that confidence, as it pertains to networking, comes when you are authentic.We are our best selves when we are who were supposed to be. I am glad I got the opportunity to attend S.H.E. Summit and I look forward to the next one.

Name Liesel Renner Founder of The Visão Foundation
Favorite Session: The Art of Networking 
This session was extremely enlightening! Learnt a lot of practical ideas to improve my visibility  from tips and best practices to finding the right connections and making the most of your environment.  I also learned that a handwritten thank you note goes a long way in creating a strong impression. 

Using Speaking to Grow Your Business

Laureen Delance, Founder of Hope4Cities
Favorite Session: Speak Powerfully, Sell more: How to use speaking to grow your business
EYE-OPENER! I originally signed up for this seminar because I was interested in perfecting my public speaking skills.  This session, however, was about using speak marketing as a business development tool.  Until that very morning of Thursday, June 21, I did not realize how I can translate my passion and expertise in urban community development into speaking engagements that people would actually be interested in.  Some key points I took away from this was 1) embrace your passion 2) know your target population and who you want to reach out to and 3) craft your skills to ensure your population leaves learning a new thing.  


Ashleigh Washington, Founder
Favorite Session: Build Your Negotiation Skills sponsored by the Women's Venture Fund
What I enjoyed most about this workshop was that it spoke the innate characteristics women have that make them great negotiators. It was great to take inventory of my personal characteristics and see how I can use those as a way to improve my negotiations skills. Also, it helped me to think of negotiation as something you have to practice to be better at and that I should use everyday opportunities such as buying from a street vendor or placing an order to improve my skills in preparation for more ambitious negotiations such as salary or buying a home

Yanoh Jalloh Founder of EduShare Sierra Leone
Favorite Session: Build Your Negotiation Skills sponsored by the Women's Venture Fund
I learned that the key to negotiation is about more listening and less talking; being honest, trying not to be complacent and of course research,research,research. 

Financial Planning 

Rebekah Frimpong, Founder Young African Voices (YAV) Magazine & MaMa Africa Program
I learned to have more confidence in myself, because after listening to the women speak during these  workshops I realized that I have been doing what I need to do to move my business forward but I need to have the confidence to take the necessary steps needed for me to achieve my financial goals and get to the next level with my business. The speaker also mentioned " financial golf balls" and knowing why you spend and how important that is to the success of your endeavors.  

Thanks to all our friends for sharing such valuable information! 

For more information about S.H.E. Summit Week, visit See you all next year! 

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