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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Celebrating Women: Dear Feminista, Do You Have What It Takes to be a leader?

AfroElle Magazine, Anniversary Issue

The original article written by us was published Via our friends at AfroElle Magazine. Please visit this wonderful magazine to read this entry in its entirety and also to read more of their Anniversary edition! 

The most exciting news I read a few days ago was in regards to the women in my country Sierra Leone and their involvement in the up incoming elections. The report highlighted that more women registered for the upcoming November 2012 elections and 186 female political aspirants were slated to run for various political offices. In a country wherein women went through some of the worst atrocities during our civil war 13 years ago, it proves to me that Sierra Leone women are resilient, and up for the challenge of changing their country no matter what circumstances they have been through. African women are indeed stepping up to the plate, and claiming what belongs to them; their right as leaders who will bring change to their countries.If nothing else affirms the notion that African women make some of the best leaders, then look to the most recent events of women such as Joyce Banda, Ellen Johson Sirleaf, Ngozi Iweala and many others to confirm that every African woman is a leader or has the potential to become a what I call a Feminista. A Feminista is a woman who is a leader in any avenue bring about change for women. The idea that African women are leaders is not new, the reason for the visibility in the recent years is because they are finally being celebrated! African women have been leaders in the household, governments, businesses, market places, rural areas, academia, social media outlets and many more areas. In my experiences, from birth till now, the women in my life have shaped me to be a fierce leader. From women such as my mother and other women in my family, to the market women, teachers, female politicians, these women inspired me and allowed me to see my potential in bringing change to my community. When one is a leader you will experience some challenges along the way, but what I've learned is that the are key things every Feminista should have in her toolkit to help her deal better with any challenges. So what are the key elements that make up every Feminista? Every Feminista must be passionate, harness their skills, be consistent in their endeavors, celebrate failures, and remain humble.

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