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Sunday, March 11, 2018

This Hotel in Sierra Leone, West Africa promotes women in leadership

In the spirit of all things women's empowerment and promoting selfcare and travel lifestyle. We spotlight a hotel which prides itself as as a hotel like no other one that offers unrivaled services in Freetown Sierra Leone, the Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel. We sat with Hafsatu Serry of Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel to talk about the importance of empowering women working in the hotel, and their women in leadership program. 

WCA: Tell me a bit about how Radisson Blu is empowering women within the organization?

RB: Based on their marvelous performance, we have 18 female staff that have been promoted onto a senior levels last year. It is mandatory for all of our female staff to actively participate in all trainings, discussions and activities.

WCA: Describe 2-3 of some of the women that work on your staff and what qualities stand out about them in their line of work?

RB: They are hardworking ladies who provide support to their staff, in which they understand that there is a need for women to be empowered and also how difficult it is for them to balance between personal and professional commitments.

WCA: How many female employees do you have and how do you ensure you are recruiting and retaining your female employees?

RB: We have 77 females as employees and for all vacancies it is highlighted and stressed for women to apply.

WCA: How does Radisson Blu as a whole support women's empowerment?

RB: It is one of the parent (Radisson Hotel Group) company’s core principles in which there’s a programme specially designed called ‘Women In Leadership’. In which the Radisson Hotel Group wants to enlarge their number of female in senior positions while at the same time challenge the existing thinking. The Radisson Hotel Group wants to tackle each female employees individual strengths and make leaders out of them.

WCA: What community outreach does Radisson Blue do to support  that empowers women?

RB: Ever since operation (2014) we have had 120 various vocational institutions for internship at the hotel. At the end of their training, if there is an open vacancy we take the best students and for those who want to continue at other places we add their experience with us under their cv.

WCA:What is Radisson Blu's take on mentoring women and empowering younger women in the organization? 

RB: We believe in and also celebrate diversity and also respect what’s different and remarkable about each of our female staff. At every level within the hotel, we strongly allow their participation in which we identify and highlight their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this we actively work on them through training, open conversations about their careers and how to examine different approaches towards their work.

WCA: If there was one advice you would share with other women who are interested in entering into this field what would you say?

RB: Get ready for everything! In hospitality, working with customers and behind the scenes gives you an insight and teaches you what it takes to effectively run complex operations. It is an experience worth a lifetime as you learn and gain new things that can be incredibly useful in the future even if you wish to leave the industry and find something new.

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