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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Bernice Maabena Asiedu, Fitvolution
Let’s look at it from a slightly different perspective this year, shall we? Change is necessary, especially when the same old ways of looking at it has not resulted in any remarkable achievements.
So, this year if you are reading this here are some tips on how to lead a truly healthier lifestyle this year:

Pay attention to your primary foods (foods that feeds your soul, spirit, heart and mind) such as love, spirituality, home environment, career, relationships etc.
We mostly turn to secondary foods (foods that fill our physical plate) when we are starved for primary foods.
 Are you using food as an emotional salve for any primary hunger? are you stressed? The answer is not in the cookie jar.
If you find yourself reaching for comfort food when life throws you a medicine ball, you’re not alone. Let’s help ourselves out of it this year. Be honest with yourself, confront your issues, get help, and when your primary foods are on lock down, secondary will be easy to handle.
Reach out to your faith place- if your health is as serious a matter to you as your building project, then why do you not take it to your higher power in prayer or meditation or whatever it is you do?
Think deeply about this now.

2. Be ready to Change!!
This time, for real, do allow yourself to change for the better. No seriously do!  From experience, a person must attract my attention with her readiness for change before I will offer help as a fitness consultant.
New results do not come from old behavior. Treat your desire for healthier you as you would your wedding plans and results will surely come.

3. Analyze
 Your question should be: how did I get here? Was it too many night hangouts?  Was it a toxic relationship?  Was it boredom? Did your mom visit for the holidays?
Now find new and better ways to avoid it!

4. Action Plan!
What are you going to do about the challenge? Here are some tips:  Register at a gym, Find an accountability partner, Employ a certified health coach.  You will do it differently when you plan as you will for your wedding!
I advise that you ALWAYS devise a plan first, do not just hop up and follow them.


5. Forgive yourself!
Let us be honest with ourselves, we all fall off our healthy routines many times over, but the key is to be able to get back up again and continue pushing forward. Unforgiveness will rob you of your determination and worse, you might stop trying permanently so remember to forgive yourself often. So at this point where you still have it in you to do better for yourself, do yourself a huge favour and let your past remain in the past.
Start over!

6. Pay attention to your associations
Who are you hanging around? Are they constantly underrating your efforts at staying healthy and fit? Are they making jokes out of your efforts? Rubbing your old unhealthy ways in your face? Move on now! Find people who will encourage your little efforts; we call them #fitpals. Find you a fitpal at the gym, on social media, even in your office, there may be one person equally enthusiastic.
Following awesome food bloggers who post lavishly creamy calories loaded meals on social media might not be your best option at this time.

7. Keep a food journal!
This is one of the best ways to watch and know exactly what you are consuming; two ways to do this?
Take photos of everything that enters your mouth in a day or write it down and then conclude after a week. After this exercise you will know whether you are stalling your progress or helping it.

8. Indulge certified coaches and not products!
There is no such thing as quick results, when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. We encourage you getting a coach if you can afford to.
Coaches help you preserve when you feel as if you are hitting a wall of a plateau. Products are not the way to go.  Now what will you do in the case of a product you picked from the shelf that promised 10days extreme weight loss and it didn’t achieve it’s goal? Will you go back to the shelf and complain?
What do you do after the 10days? You need consistency and sustainability.

9. Add some strength training to your routines!

Ha! Did I just switch zones? I absolutely did! This is a must know- a hidden benefit for strength training is that every time you grab the dumbbells you are protecting yourself from injury.
A study in medicine and science in Sports and Exercise found that women who lift weights regularly for seven months were five times less likely to suffer a lower-body stress fracture during intense exercise (like running and calisthenics) than those who were not as diligent about doing resistance work.
For a more resilient body, do at least one exercise each for your arms, legs, chest, butt, back, and abs twice a week.
These are my top resolutions; the end result: a happier, more confident- and healthier you.

1. Ginger O!
2cups pawpaw (Papaya)
½ lemon squeezed
1cup pineapple
Grated ginger (or ginger juice) to taste
2cups spinach
Pour ½ cup water in a blender
Add spinach and blend (ensure greens blend thoroughly)
Add other fruits and blend
Add some ice cubes for freshness
Enjoy your nutritious smoothie!

2  carrots
1green apple
1cup water with ice
Blend together and enjoy!

½ cup mango
¾ cup pawpaw
½ cup fresh coconut pulp
Add up coconut juice as fluid base
Blend together and enjoy!

Bernice Maabena Asiedu
Lead Fitness Coach @ Fitvolution
Have a question for Maabena?
Instagram: fitvolution_with_maabenaa

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