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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WomenChangeAfrica attends the Women 2.1 Summit

WCA attended the  Woman 2.1 Summit in Accra and I truly was amazed and inspired by how well the event was organized and the information that was shared with the attendees, along with the networking.  The  Woman 2.1 Summit occurs on  yearly basis in Ghana and it it geared towards young women. The way I liked describing it is picture a Ted Talk (a platform for women who have become successful to share their stories to other women),  for Ghanian and African women to inspire women.  The event was simply amazing, and motivating. In a brief summary WCA would like to share our favorite moments from the event. We would also like to extend a  special thank you to Mr. Benjamin Gregory Aggrey from the Woman 2.1 Summit and his team for putting on a stellar event. We hope you enjoy our wrap up!

The event was solely for women and catered to women across a wide age spectrum:  It is very rare that such events exist on the continent that cater to young women, and have a positive platform to promote them. Woman 2.1  inspired every woman in that room and provided them with inspiration and ideas to keep them motivated to pursue their future career goals.
Miss Anita Erskine of Brand Woman Africa Interviewing Top Ghanian Fashion Designer Ms. Joyce Abiabo CEO of Joyce Abiabo Creative College of Design

The event had inspiring women speakers: Not only were the women inspiring in their stories, but they were also from varied backgrounds. There were women from the health and fitness industry, a speaker talking about promoting early detection, women who owned their own branding and consulting businesses, and women who owned their own event planning businesses you name it they were there.

Spoken word poet

 The audience played a participatory role throughout the event:  One of the sessions during the event, the  audience to  shared their stories on stage, on how they overcame challenges.  The event also offered an opportunity for a lucky woman with a good business idea to receive start up funds and coaching in starting their own business courtesy of Brand Woman Africa.

Ms. Bernice Antwi fitness expert
 The participants were positive and energetic about being a part of the event: I spoke to many young women who were enthusiastic about the information provided to them at the summit, and the speakers. I caught up with a few for interviews during networking sessions,  Ms. Rita age 22 stated "Unleashing her power meant she got experience about life" and she learned " How to connect with women" . Ms. Gifty 20  learned that "for you to actually develop your talent, is for you to develop in things, 1. believe in what you want to do, and go for it"

Gifty nicely finished our conversation by stating that  "Women Change Africa because, we believe in what we want and we go for it".

Participants networking and sharing ideas at the Woman 2.1 Summit

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