Thursday, May 31, 2018

Heartfelt Letter to the Ladies: Lupus Awareness month, by Ruth Aine

If you haven't  noticed, there is a purple revolution  going on because it is May. May is Lupus Awareness Month and for those who don't know : 

Lupus is an autoimmune illness that attacks the skin,  internal organs and joints. There is no two cases of Lupus that are similar  so it is very hard sometimes to be able to compare any two sick people.  

Sharing my story is important to me because I have lived with this illness most of my life.  During highly stressful times like exam time during high school and University, my body reacted and I fell sick.  This continued well into my adult hood and now that I have a diagnosis, my Life is at peace.  

It is important  to note that Lupus affects women 14-45 years of age and can be triggered by anything. I feel that women take on quite a lot in this world.  Our first instinct is to nurture and that means we are caring for everyone else but ourselves. And because of that,  we are prone to illnesses like these.  
Lupus also comes with a host of so many other autoimmune  issues - rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid, sjogrens, raynaud's syndrome etc.

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All these have a few things in common the most being that they are manageable conditions.  

We can live and have productive lives with these conditions.  Here's how : 

1.SelfCare : When you and I are done taking care of the world,  it's important to take care of ourselves.  Find something that relaxes you and keeps you alive.  I practise self care everyday,  by reading a book,  writing my journal and And exercising. I feel then that I am nurturing myself and allowing me to be present and available  for the  tasks ahead.  

2.Keep out the Negative  Over amplify the positive:  I find that life can be overwhelming and sometimes it's important that we don't let it get to us.  We choose what battles to take on and what not to take on. That means saying No alot but also realising what your strengths and super power is in dealing with people.  

Rest.  It's okay to rest.  It's okay,  to find time for yourself. Take that 5 mins during lunch break and breathe. Take that Saturday afternoon nap.  At the end of the day,  to be able to serve others, we need to be our best selves.. 

3.Take your Vitamins:  Go on and schedule that doctors appointment. I have since learned that a woman after 30 needs to see her doctor. Our bodies put up with so much. Get that PAP done.  Get that mammogram. Check your Iron Levels and your nutrient profile.  30 is the prime.  30-40 is when we get things done that set the foundation for our later years. But we can't do all that if we are not healthy. Sometimes we ignore small things,  pain in the lower abdomen,  Insomnia, Constipation etc. Ask questions and make sure you are being listened to and your concerns are being taken care of.

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4. Eat healthy: Drinks lots of water.  Cut out refined foods and sugars,  and you will be amazed how much more energy you have to take on the world.  
I do all these things because I have an autoimmune  illness. And I am doing well. My inflammation  markers are way down and Lupus is under control. But don't wait to be sick to live healthy. Invest in your health now. And you will reap bountifully.

Wear some purple this month and support the sisters that have to fight a wolf everyday of their lives. 

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