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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fine Dining Company creating traditional African dishes unapologetically for a Global Experience launches website!


We are so excited to announce the launch of Maria Bradford Kitchen's website! For many who follow this amazing brand on their various platforms, the one thing we love about the uniqueness of their services and products is that the Founder Maria Bradford taps into her Sierra Leonean cultural heritage using key intricate ingredients in a high quality and dynamic way to reach a global platform.

From her Oxtail peanut butter soup served with coconut rice, to her cucumber grun soup rolls, her signature chili sauce and so much more, we are so excited to watch her new journey grow.  Maria's kitchen is about "the reinvention of traditional dishes, fused with fresh and sustainable ingredients, taking inspiration from her Sierra Leonean heritage". She offers services ranging from private dining events, teach Sierra Leonean cooking throughout the United Kingdom and West Africa.  We congratulate Maria Bradford on the launch of her website.


 For more on her work and to book her services visit www.Maria Bradford Kitchen.  

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