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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

African Women Build: A Conversation with Natalie BeSpoke Binny

I was on Instagram a few weeks back, and found an account which is deeply rooted in the beauty of African expression, and of course I was intrigued and reached out to the Founder. Living and working in London, as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Natalie recognized the importance of one’s home environment, in coping with issues such as anxiety and low mood. Being of Ghanaian descent, Natalie grew up being surrounded by vibrant colours and prints, which she found to be uplifting, as a child. Motivated by her experience and  love of sewing, Natalie went on and built an eclectic homeware brand rooted in African expression called BeSpoke Binny. 

WCA: Tell us in your words about Bespoke Binny Home & 


BB: Bespoke Binny is a home and lifestyle brand for anyone who loves African prints and would like to express that love in their home and everyday life. Bespoke Binny also has a strong mission to spread positivity through the use of colour and uplifting words. 

WCA: When did you decide to form BBH&L?
Bespoke Binny was started in 2013 after making myself items at home and receiving lots of compliments and advice to sell them. I tried a few craft markets and it's been a growth from there.

WCA: Describe in your words what best represents BBH&L. 

BB: African expression, attention to detail and positivity!

WCA: Share some tips or pointers that have helped you

 overcome any obstacles along the way of your life journey.

BB: Honestly the best lesson to learn in business is persistence. Obstacles unfortunately are inevitable and sometimes it can feel like an uphill struggle but keep going and always try to find a solution to any difficult that comes up.

WCA: Why did you feel it was something necessary in the

 U.K. to have such a company? 


BB: I don't know that I solely had U.K. in mind, I think I just recognized a gap in the market for varied uses of African prints. They are great in fashion but I also thought there were so many other things it could be used for and I wanted to explore this. I sell all over the world and most of my customers are actually USA based.

WCA: Have you made a footprint in other countries?

BB: Yes, I have sold to USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Australia 

WCA: What are your plans in general for the future of 


BB: To keep getting bigger and better

WCA: What advice do you have for other young aspiring 

African women who want to become entrepreneurs?

BB: I think as I mentioned before, persistence is so important and also whatever your idea is, it's worth pursuing, there will be others just like you who like what you create and see value in it, you just have to find you.

WCA: What’s your favorite quote and why?

BB: 'But screw your courage to the sticking place and we'll not fail' - Macbeth - because it's a message in persistence and courage!


This interview was conducted by Lerato Chiyangwa 

Communications & Public Relations Executive based in Dubai. She took up blogging as a form of self expression, and to change  the narrative of Africa. She enjoys watching series, staying up to  date with African news, meeting fellow unicorn creatives, and she makes a mean grilled chicken!  To keep up to date with her, frequently check her professional portfolio on - Or follow her on Instagram - @i_am_leraflippa

For more on BeSpoke Binny Follow them @BespokeBinny and  visit their website at 

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