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Saturday, May 20, 2017


Honestly, what woman doesn't like a cute outfit, a good face beat, hair slayed , and a mani and pedi on a regular basis. I know I do! (Black girl emoji with hand raised)But let's be 100 percent honest with each other, we've all experienced an occasional slip up here and there. Sometimes we go two or more days with chipped nail polish , and sometimes we throw on one of our old wigs to hide the madness sitting on our heads. Does that rule you out at being a girl’s girl? Nope!
Being a girl's girl goes beyond the glitz and the glam of wearing pink and fur! The focus is more on what dwells within rather than what lies on the surface.
A girls’ girl embodies class, integrity, seeks a drama free life and embraces the heck out of sisterhood. She's the girl you want to hang around and the woman you strive to be. Her positivity is contagious, her mannerisms are admirable, and honestly, she's just fly.

Maybe you're a girl's girl and don't even know it. Here are four signs you're a girl's girl: 

1. You Don't Hate On Other Women
Ladies, we all know the "stare down" that occurs sometimes between women. To be more specific I am talking about the one where you walk into a room with your girls, and a separate group of girls give you the ultimate stare. As soon as both groups make eye contact, for two seconds, it feels like a show down straight out of a western movie. 

In this moment one can be annoyed and think to ourselves "What exactly are they staring at? Do I have to cuss someone out tonight?" These situations can cause one a lot of anxiety and the impulse to react in a negative manner.

However, refraining from acting out of character proves that you are a girls girl! The confidence one  embodies to keeps them cool calm and collected is necessary. As a girls girl you enjoy drama free situations  and in fact, rather than rolling your eyes, you're not hesitant to throw a compliment their way. A girl's girl is all about women feeling beautiful and  self- love.

This includes showing love to other women and showering them with compliments. If you see a woman with a great hairstyle or a cute outfit you share your positive feedback with them about these things.  In an environment where women support each other, smiles are exchanged, spirits are boosted and the day is made! That's what a girl's girl is about!

2. Quality Time With Your Girls Is Everything
Yes, it's common for us to flood our girlfriends whatsapp inboxes with a breakdown of our most recent break up or keep them on the phone for two hours to discuss various individuals who have been getting on our nerves, but in reality, these stories can be draining and having quality time for e.g.  brunch with our girls makes this process just a bit easier.

 There's no greater feeling than getting dressed up to sit around a table with your closest girlfriends to order fancy food, talk about dating struggles, warrior stories, share beauty tips and discuss future plans. These moments are therapeutic, uplifting and truly exude girl power. And let's be honest, mimosas make everything better.

3. You Put The "Sister "back in Sisterhood
A favorite quote of mine states that "Women who understand how powerful they are do not give into envy power over meaningless things, instead they fight to maintain the beautiful mind of the sisterhood"- Bindu

A girl's girl knows what she's been through and how hard she's worked physically, emotionally, and spiritually to get where she is today. So instead of tearing her girlfriends down, she builds them up. She doesn't allow disagreements with her friends to push her away. She uses them as opportunities to relate, forgive, understand, discuss, share, and strengthen her friendships.
She values her girlfriends just as much as she values herself. And never turns her back on her girls no matter what. Overall, she's loyal.

4. You Value Your Connections With Other Women
In spite of what's perpetuated on silly reality shows and shade throwing memes, not all women are catty or feel the need to continuously compete with each other. A girl's girl is different. She understands how difficult it is for women in this world and makes it her duty to uplift and support other women.

As amazing as women are, a girl's girl still understands that happiness for women is an inside job. She knows that All women deal with insecurities, pain, and worries regardless of their social status. 

Instead of rolling her eyes at someone who seems to have much more than her or looking down on someone who seems to have less than her , she sees past it all and offers support the best way she knows how.

Rita Oluchi Obi,MPH is a humanitarian, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She helps individuals build their visions through @buildingyou, provides children in rural villages of Nigeria with opportunities through @korfoundation and makes one’s stay in Nigeria as luxurious as possible through @ crystalcourtlekki. General instagram page is @oluchi_ob 

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