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Monday, May 29, 2017

Are You on Brand?: Tips from our Editor in Chief on Branding

Many times, I have seen a lot of businesses online and also in person with perhaps a strong message but visually their messaging isn't reaching their target audience, or a business has amazing visuals but their message isn't clear to the people they are trying to target. As someone who has been working with several brands for years now, I'd like to offer a few tips on how one should know they are on brand.


1. Your people speak a similar language as you: When I launched WCA, I launched it because there wasn't a space in the digital world that captured the experiences of younger African women entrepreneurs. I ensured that the language curated with WCA from our posts, to the articles we would feature spoke our mission which was simple to celebrate, cultivate and connect African women entrepreneurs. 5 years later I believe we have been very clear on our audience. The women who interact with our brand online and in person reflect this message and speak a similar language, when they share content online that has to do with women entrepreneurs they tag us, etc. This is how you know you are on brand, you have brand ambassadors who speak about your brand and you don't even have to be there.

2. You are consistent in your imaging and content: There is nothing that frustrates me more when I see a brand that has a certain image go off track. Whether it's your logo, our visuals, ad campaigns, you do it is important that your imaging aligns with the description of your brand.  For instance if you are a food brand, and you post about food, restaurants etc, at no point in time should you start posting about cosmetics, unless it is somehow connected to food. This can cause misalignment of your audience and can loose your core audience. Recently we saw this happen with Shea moisture. Shea moisture had been pushing a particular image for many years of their products and it was for black women. When the brand decided to shift that imaging they left out the messaging to their core group and it costed them a lot of customers and as one could imagine rebranding as well.

3.  Your clients understand exactly what you do and access your services: At the end of the day what good is a brand if you can't get sales and customers? If you are selling sugar your clientele should be buying sugar from you and not asking you to sell cupcake products. This is very important. A lot of times people find it difficult to connect why branding is important and necessary for sales, but it absolutely goes hand in hand. When you get the clients who come to you for exactly what you say you're offering, then you know you are on brand. When you are on brand you won't have to search for opportunities, they come to you effortlessly in many ways and when you do reach out to opportunities or clients alignment is usually instant.

To read more on branding browse through our blog for insights from various perspectives. Need more branding support? Contact us at we offer branding consultation services. 

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