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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sierra Leone Elections: Where is the female voice part 3

In June, so much has been happening on ground as female aspirants looking to run for the elections are building their capacity in the Sierra Leone Elections. As part of WCA's celebrating women's efforts we are doing a series of sharing information and focusing on the Sierra Leone Elections and women's participation on various levels including, civil society, and governmental levels. We share information from various sources on ground who are doing the work, and we celebrate their efforts! This month UNWOMEN and the 50/50 group collaborated to institute a 24 hour mobile campaign for women political aspirants as the november elections approaching. For more on this story and many other happenings in June visit UNWOMEN a great platform covering the participation of women in the elections. We celebrate young sierra leonean women as they push forward to have their voices heard in such a critical time in the country! Women are definitely Changing Sierra Leone! 

Freetown , Sierra Leone. June 20 2012. The launch of the 24 Hour Mobile Campaign School for Women  at the Bank Complex in central Freetown, on 19 June,  rallied over 200 participants including 50 women aspiring for public positions in the November 2012 elections. The activity, which was held under the theme: ” Running for office: Building skills for female political participation and representation “,  brought together representatives from the government, the UN, Civil Society Organisations and women’s and youth groups. The Campaign School is an initiative that seeks to equip female aspirants with the requisite tools and expertise for running for office. It responds to the huge capacity gap among women leaders both at the local and national level. (article via UN Women)
More on this story here UNWOMEN

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