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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sierra Leone 2012 Elections: Where is the Female Voice Part 2

Posted by unw.waro in 18. Apr, 2012, under IWD
More women have registered than men for the November 2012 elections in Sierra Leone, with 186 women aspiring for Local Council and Parliamentary seats and one for vice presidency.

The disclosure was made by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) representative during a meeting held as part this year’s International Women’s Day Celebration (IWD). Over the years, sierra Leone has made marked progress in women’s empowerment. Women are increasingly negotiating their space in political and key positions in various sectors. However, progress in effective participation and meaningful contribution in politics and decision making has been agonizingly slow. The struggle for fair play is mostly hindered by low levels of support for women’s engagement in political competition. The UN sponsored meeting was convened to organize support for the increased participation of Women during the upcoming presidential elections in Sierra Leone, slated for November this year. The one day meeting brought together several stakeholders from across the country -donors, UN agencies, Civil society organizations and relevant government bodies sponsored by the United Nations Fund for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (UN WOMEN). The participants were called in late March to develop a framework for effective coordination of activities towards the promotion of women’s participation in a violence-free election.
Full Story here UNWomenSierraLeone

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