Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Author Patrice Juah journey's her readers through her new book "Under Ducor Skies"

Patrice Juah Author of Under Ducor Skies 

We celebrate our renowned Bosschique Patrice Juah on the launch of her new poetry compilation titled  Under Ducor Skies  Ranking in #1 for the first two weeks within it's launch on Amazon, Under Ducor Skies is a beautiful work of art and poetry that focuses on the hope that keeps Liberia alive through the eyes of the author. Patrice is a writer, entrepreneur, broadcaster, communications strategist and girls rights advocate who is seeking to change the face of Liberia to the world internationally.

Patrice Juah's new release Under Ducor Skies

Under Ducor Skies is a "reflective journey across lost childhood, war, arduous youth, and caged dreams, to a time of soaring peace, where bullets are finally silenced, with an even greater battle left to silence within. In a town that is a shadow of its previous self, and everything around you tells you that you’ll fail, how do you keep the shredded pieces of hope alive?". 

Patrice Juah Author of Under Ducor Skies 

Patrice has also served as editor a series of poetry books for her  a recent book titled Enchanting Voices a poetry compilation as part of her Sexy Like a Book Initiative. We celebrate Patrice Juah on this new venture and continue to celebrate and applaud her efforts. To purchase the new release visit the Amazon link Here.

WCA has had the priviledge of following Patrice through her journey and we couldn't be more proud of the amazing work she is doing. We continue to wish her success.
Patrice Juah's Edited poetry compilation Enchanting Voices

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