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Cultivating Women: You are invited to a Vision Board Making Dinner Party

Vision boards make me so happy and inspire me to keep going. So just as an FYI I use maps and boards interchangeable throughout the article but mostly referring to boards. My liking for  vision board development begun when I stumbled upon an article on Oprah magazine talking about vision maps, the article discussed the concept of developing your vision into more concrete visual images. I am a very visual person and the fact that I basically plan everything in my life, I liked the idea of developing a bunch of images that aligned with my life goals. There was something about vision mapping that had less pressure and was fun! When I found out about vision maps years ago, I was also at the time in my life in a rut, I wasn't sure what direction my life was truly going to take, though I knew what I wanted from life and it made me a bit nervous. The thing I really like about vision maps is that they cater to the planners, and the easy goers, artists in a sense that it's not a rigid process, there is something about cutting out images and pasting them on a board, that was so concrete yet limitless. I then decided I loved doing them so much, I began to develop workshop for a friends organization in Sierra Leone for a youth empowerment camp, I continued doing this in New York City for little African immigrant girls and we had a blast in our sessions see here Empowering Young African girls at Telem Camp . I wanted to share this idea with everyone because it worked for me, everything on my vision map came to pass. A few years ago, I decided to host a New Years Eve party and invite a bunch of my closest  girlfriends over so we can make vision maps, and besides what better way to start off the New Year. At the party, we developed vision maps, shared our vision and goals  with each other and made promises to ensure we motivated ourselves throughout the year in achieving them.  That New Years Eve was the best I had in a while, because it manifested a core belief of mine the cultivating of  sisterhood relationships as a means of ensuring women fulfill their goals. 

A few days ago, I posted on one of my social media networks about a vision mapping dinner I had planned with my current group of friends. To my surprise, many of my followers/friends liked the post. I realized there was a need and yearning for more and so I was inspired to write on this particular matter on how to host a vision board making party with friends on the WCA platform. 

So I encourage you all to develop Vision maps for 2014, and please tag me on whichever social media platform once you develop your maps!

Making A Vision Board

Materials needed:

A beautiful portrait or face/individual photo of yourself (to place on the map once its complete), magazines, Journals or Boards or a surface you intend to put your visions on (even a mirror can work), scissors, glue or tape, music, wine, appetizers, friends or your partner, children family and basically anyone who wants to be involved.


Mentally Visualizing your dreams
  1. Begin the  vision mapping session by closing your eyes and imagining your life in  5 years.  Then imagine your life even sooner in the next 1 year so be December 2014 where will you want to be and what 3-5 things do you wish to achieve, allow your senses to really feel all of these experiences whilst your eyes are closed. 
  2. Then open your eyes and write out what you envisioned, or think through it. 
Goal setting via visual images 
  1. Make a list of 3-4 things you want to accomplish in 1 year and 5-7 things you want to accomplish in 5 years 
  2. On the item you plan to mount your  cut out images on,  develop a section for 1 year vision and a section for your 5 year vision (with this for starters maybe you can just stick to 1 year and update every year)
Vision mapping 
  1. Now cut out various images (think of the images as your ways of how you will make the vision happen along with images of what the final product of the vision will look like)  from your favorite magazines that align with the vision (so for example, if your vision is to become healthier by December 2014 you may put photos of vegetables and healthy foods, a woman or man running, and your final product could be a very happy healthy looking woman on your board  etc) 
  2. After cutting out the images,  paste them onto the board
  3. Place the photo of your face in the middle of your board or anywhere visible that shows that you own this board with the dreams and visions you have pasted on it
Share out your vision 
  1. After gluing your images in the order of how you see it happening in your life, share it out loud with friends at the party in a mini presentation and say every word of it like you mean it and are sending it out to the universe "So in December 2014 I will be healthier, because I will eat fruits and vegetables and work out more" 
  2. Once you have completed sharing out, whatever way you connect with the universe or God do so and set your intention to dedicate yourself to ensuring you your vision become a reality. 
  3. Finally raise a glass of wine or whatever liquid you choose to drink to celebrate the development of your vision board, within this session you should also pick a person who will be your buddy for the year who will check in on you and support you in ensuring you meet your goals
Sustaining and putting your vision into practice
  1. Make a plan to accomplish three things for the upcoming year and plan out the months you will make this happen
  2. Every morning you wake up your vision map should be placed somewhere you can see it and finally do a group session again with your group at the middle of the year to check in and see how things are going! 
  3. Always  update your vision board once your vision is accomplished. To do this, you can put check marks on the items you accomplish as you go along, or any means of giving yourself a kudos for doing so.
  4. Celebrate your achievements when they happen however you please.

Note you should always remember you shouldn't be hard on yourself if you haven't accomplished everything on your board. THAT IS NOT THE POINT. The point is to keep you focused and on task, whilst having a less stressful way (such as a personal strategic plan smile, which I also do), to visualize your dreams and most importantly make them happen. I hope this post was helpful! Enjoy the photos :).

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