Sunday, January 5, 2020

#AMPLIFYHER: Sisterhood, Feminism & Philanthropy: Profiling and Celebrating the Journeys of African Women in the Diaspora

To kick off the year we are excited to announce a campaign we are launching in partnership with the African Women's Development Fund USA called Amplify Her. For more on the campaign see below:
Photocredit Mandy Photography taken at AWDF USA's flagship event Afriwomen Hangout 2019
For far too long, there has been a silencing of the voices, issues, and stories of African Women in the Diaspora.  It is assumed that due to location, African women, are afforded all the resources they need with limited amount of challenges, but that is not the case.  The #AmplifyHer campaign recognizes these incredible women as pivotal to the growth of the African feminist movement, our successes, our stories, and our challenges.  Additionally, #AmplifyHer builds the bridge between the continent and the diaspora and the amplification of the important work for the communities we serve. Our mothers, aunties and big sisters hold so much seasoned wisdom along with the next generation of millennial and young African women with new energy.  Our stories must be told, our histories must be penned, and our legacies must passionately live and thrive.  
Photocredit Mandy Photography taken at AWDF USA's flagship event Afriwomen Hangout 2019

 In the course of our work over the past 15 years, we have seen firsthand the power of women and their collective ability to effect change at all levels. As we have amplified the voice of women and girls and mobilized resources to support their activism, vibrant and vigorous movements have emerged. We have seen the profile of African women elevated at the highest levels of leadership as Presidents and their contributions recognized as Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. While we should be proud and celebrate these incredible achievements, we also recognize the importance of continuously raising our voices and mobilizing to gather relevant resources to sustain and expand our efforts. AWDF USA, as an organization, our role is pivotal for building the capacity for both social change and sustainable development, and our efforts show this.  #AmplifyHer is our proud brainchild campaign for all of the hard work that our lovely, strong members put in day in and day out. We are looking to recognize you, your mothers, your sisters, and your friends.
Photocredit Mandy Photography taken at AWDF USA's flagship event Afriwomen Hangout 2019

Women|Change|Africa in partnership with AWDF USA are beyond excited to showcase AmplifyHer and these incredible women, while uplifting our voices in this African feminist movement that is driving hope for change and opportunities each and every day!
The AWDF USA Amplify Her campaign will share stories on the themes of feminism, sisterhood and philanthropy from now throughout the year. To follow more stories throughout the campaign follow our blog and follow @awdf_usa and @womenchangeafrica on instagram and via facebook. For inquiries on the campaign email and

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A new Co Working Space Opens up in Freetown Sierra Leone

We love seeing new female led spaces and businesses launching. Today we spotlight BSI an open office rental and co working space recently launched in Freetown Sierra Leone by Aminata Dumbuya.

Setting up a business can be a headache - finding office space, buying furniture, printers, and photocopiers, but if you're not ready for all that, BSI can help.

BSI provides furnished office space for the short or medium term. To find out more about BSI, please take about half a minute to watch this video and visit our website provided at the end of this video, or visit the website directly at:

We certainly will be using their space in the near future. Congratulations to them on their launch.

For more information on their launch visit their website: or

Enjoy this short video to get more insights on what BSI has  to offer :

Monday, July 8, 2019

We Will Lead Africa Launches it's Returnee Edition: Call for submissions

In the spirit of Sankofa and celebrating the returnee experience, We Will Lead  Africa is excited to announce their call for chapter submissions for a first-of-its-kind volume of stories by and about everyday Africans born and/or raised in the Diaspora, who have made the choice to return to lead change and transformation across the continent. 

Interested in submitting a piece to this volume? Join the movement of everyday Africans, leading and owning our own narratives. Tell your story of action, change and transformation. Visit for more information. 

Celebrating 25 years of Beauty, Community & Excellence in Sierra Leone: Afromeric Institute

Josephine Koroma-Oyewole 

In sharing stories of African women entrepreneurs, this month we share the story of Afromeric Beauty Salon. A Beauty Salon which was established on December 9th,​ by Madam Mary Fofanah. A returnee that wanted to make her own in pack on her native country of Sierra Leone. a reputable Community Based Organization (CBO) which was set by madam Mary and her daughter Joe Koroma Oyewole on December 9, 1993 to educate young girls in various areas of study in the cosmetology Industry, thus rendering them financially independent.

Cosmetology being a Profession that renders alot of employment benefits and Career opportunities ranging from Hairstylists, Make-up Artists, Retail Specialisst, Manicurists, Educationist, Salon Owner, Research Technician  are some of the job opportunities that young women are provided through the Afromeric Institute. We Interview the now overseer of Afromeric Josephine Koroma-Oyewole who also recently launched her product line Ofino Naturals. 

WCA: We know you have been in Sierra Leone for over 25 years now. Tell us about 3 achievements you are proud of?

JKO:​Over the years, Afromeric has trained over 2,000 youth and has help them to stand on their own. This has been credited as the most proficient cosmetology institute in Sierra Leone and has collaborated with agencies and other  humanitarian organizations. Approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Afromeric has contributed to a large extent in educating young girls and women who have dropped out of regular educational system, those who may have never been educated, and those might have dropped out of school. By giving   them a vocation that earns them a positive living the young women have become more independent and reliant on themselves. 

Afromeric has opened branches in various parts of the districts and as well as as well as pop-up shops in various parts of West Africa. 

Afromeric is most proud of extending in the business into Ofino naturals an all natural ingredient hair and body line that provides intense nourishment formulated to stimulate hair growth and promote healthy natural and relaxed hair. Ofino products also promote healthy skin leaving your body soft and moisturized, restoring skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

WCA: You recently branched into natural products such as body creams and hair products. Tell
us what inspired this?

JKO: living in Sierra Leone during the Ebola period things became very limited and I was looking for natural alternatives for my kids who both have eczema. I started mixing oils and butters and I saw the difference that the mixtures made with my family so wanted to extend it to my clients. My intent wasn't really for profit but to benefit and give and alternative to what was available on the market.

WCA: What can we expect from Afromeric this year?

JKO: As we celebrate our 25-year anniversary we are launching a scholarship campaign 25@25! Which provides  scholarships to 25 students in makeup Artistry, Nail Tech, and also are cosmetology programs. We have started a go fund me to help us achieve the goal. 

WCA: How important is self-care and inner beauty to your business and share 2 self-care tips that you share with your clients with us?

JKO: self-care is very important in in life with everything that happens you always need to make sure you take time for yourself. One of the things I do is I block everything out before my day begins and I  meditate for at least 5 minutes to get you ready for the day. I also advise that it is important to stay hydrated! water is life! Last but not least it is important to treat yourself to something at least once a month just for you whether it be a pedicure, scalp massage, or just sitting and watching the sunset. 

Ofino Naturals, the newest product line through Afromeric 

WCA: How do you overcome challenges in business?

JKO: there are so many challenges that pop up,  whether it's how to get your supplies into the country, making sure the staff expense the trainings we provide to them, making sure the students get the full impact of the program, making sure that we're giving them their money's worth!! in the 25 years we found the best way to solve all these problems is utilizing your network; A problem shared is a problem solved.

WCA: Any advice for women entrepreneurs starting out in this industry?

JKO:The best advice I can give anyone in this industry is make sure your team is strong you're only as best as your weakest staff member

For more on Afromeric visit their facebook page here: HERE
For more on Ofino Naturals visit their facebook page: @Ofinogurl

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mid Year Self Care Check in: Celebrate your milestones

Hey Bosschiques,

We are at the midyear mark and our main question is how are you taking care of yourself. As you crash those goals, and slay those business steps are you taking time to breathe, relax recuperate? I find it very important that we celebrate our milestones when we are mid point and here are reasons why it is important to do so:

1. It's good for your self esteem and mental health: Yes! It is important to celebrate your milestones and achievements because sometimes the mid year can either make one feel good or unaccomplished. But if you take the time to jot down the goals you have accomplished so far, it gives you the boost you need for the rest of the year. Also writing things down you find out that there are some things you accomplished that probably weren't even on your goals list for the year!

2. It helps your community understand the importance of celebrating milestones: Too often we like to get into the next moment, or the next thing, but what if sometimes we just took he time to slow down and just be more present? This is what celebrating your milestones at the mid year mark does, it allows you to reflect and just relish in the moments.

3. It helps you identify your strengths as you move into the second half of the year: We all know we sometimes need that extra push as we head into the second half of the year. Well celebrating your milestones will help you identify what you accomplished, how you did it and the people who helped you do it. It helps you tune into your strengths, your community as well as your focus. Being able to identify the strengths that made you accomplish the goal will allow you to leverage those strengths as you move into the new year.

CreateHer Stock

4.It helps you prioritize: Celebrating your milestones will give you a sense of what you were able to accomplish which in turn all help you focus on what rem

ains to be accomplished for the year as well as it gives you insight on utilizing similar systems on how to smash out the rest of your year.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you. I am someone who is big on selfceare for women entrepreneurs and I constantly push us to think of the concept of selfceare in concrete ways.

I wish you a great rest of the year and continue watching this space for more inspirational and concrete content to help you remain inspired and educated in achieving your goals.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

We Will Lead Africa Volume 2: A Feminist Manifesto and Beacon to All Africans

This month we celebrate two trailblazing women Yabome Gilpin Jackson and Sarah Owusu along with their team at We Will Lead Africa for releasing the volume 2 portion of their book. Read more about the inspiration behind the book, what to expect and of course how to get your own copy. 

The volume is a compilation of stories of everyday African women leaders, curated and edited by the We Will Lead Africa team of co-founders Sarah Owusu and Yabome Gilpin-Jackson and Volume Two editors Chenge Maruziva and Moyra Keane.

The women’s volume, like Volume 1 before it, is intended to share stories of everyday leadership from Africa that often do not make mainstream media. They are stories that align with the definition of everyday leadership and action for the future of Africa,  that co-founder Yabome Gilpin-Jackson proposed after researching the principles that are evident when African Leaders are affecting positive change and transformation:

We: Collaborative and accountable leaders, taking unified action.
Will: The leadership WILL, grit and courage to do something, anything, now and for the future, demonstrated through action-oriented and aspirational leadership.
Lead: Everyday leaders, motivated by service, in every sector, including emerging leaders from marginalised groups. Women with a deep authenticity and integrity in their leadership, focused on a values-driven path, even if it is challenging.
Africa: A focus on a prosperous continent, where divides are bridged and leaders work across boundaries and borders to achieve a broader success.
This volume is filled with the stories of everyday African women – leaders – with a desire to bring a vibrant future to life. The work emerged out of a call for everyday African leadership stories for two separate volumes: Women and Governance. When the team realized that all the governance stories they had received were by women they decided to create a single volume showcasing African women’s leadership - influencing in a variety of spaces, from entrepreneurship to board governance, policy arenas, education and health - all while creating platforms for others and (de)constructing narratives of women and Africa in the process.
It is as much a feminist anthem and manifesto as it is a beacon to all Africans and others, of what is possible with a vision, a little faith and a lot of hard work.
The team believes that it is timely to be publishing this volume as we move towards the end of the African Union’s 2010 - 2020 AFRICAN WOMEN’S DECADE. It is time for African Women's contributions to the prosperity of our continent to be amplified. Documenting our stories in all their breadth and beauty, will bring new perspectives and possibilities and will provide a space of inspiration and togetherness for a future that values, respects and learns from African women.
The team put out the call for submissions in the context of what they called called their: Year of Voice. According to the team, they state "We envisioned adding our African Women’s voices to the call for change sweeping the world with movements rising against the tides of complacency and injustice. We hope this volume gives you the hope it sparked for us in the midst of our struggles in the process of editing and curating it."

As renowned Zimbabwean Journalist Davison Maruziva noted after reading it,"- these are:
"Riveting stories from Africa about the audacity of hope, the courage, determination and drive to push new frontiers even in the face of hardships and sometimes overt hostilities and frustrating challenges. These are stories of triumph against adversity and they all have a common thread - that it is possible to overcome the seemingly insurmountable."

Watch for the next call for submissions for We Will Lead Africa, Volume 3: Returnees.

For more information on We Will Lead Africa visit:
Twitter: @willleadafrica
IG: @wewillleadafrica

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Right Now A New Anthem for Africa Day by Maame Afon and Ivy Hollys

A new Anthem for Africa is in town and we are excited about the energy it is creating. We are excited to be celebrating Africa Day with a song by Maame Afon and Ivy Hollys. The song is a rallying cry for us as Africans to come together, make the change and move our continent forward. As we celebrate Africa Day let's reflect on what we need to do to move the continent forward. For us at Women Change Africa it is all about telling stories and amplifying the voices of African women whilst creating meaningful experiences for learning and community collaboration. Here's to #RightNowAfrica. Want to join the Right Now Africa movement? Share this song in your networks and continue to add your voice to shaping the narrative of the direction of our continent. 

 Listen below: 

Album Art by Nana Kofi Acquah Africa Showboy 

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