Monday, June 10, 2019

We Will Lead Africa Volume 2: A Feminist Manifesto and Beacon to All Africans

This month we celebrate two trailblazing women Yabome Gilpin Jackson and Sarah Owusu along with their team at We Will Lead Africa for releasing the volume 2 portion of their book. Read more about the inspiration behind the book, what to expect and of course how to get your own copy. 

The volume is a compilation of stories of everyday African women leaders, curated and edited by the We Will Lead Africa team of co-founders Sarah Owusu and Yabome Gilpin-Jackson and Volume Two editors Chenge Maruziva and Moyra Keane.

The women’s volume, like Volume 1 before it, is intended to share stories of everyday leadership from Africa that often do not make mainstream media. They are stories that align with the definition of everyday leadership and action for the future of Africa,  that co-founder Yabome Gilpin-Jackson proposed after researching the principles that are evident when African Leaders are affecting positive change and transformation:

We: Collaborative and accountable leaders, taking unified action.
Will: The leadership WILL, grit and courage to do something, anything, now and for the future, demonstrated through action-oriented and aspirational leadership.
Lead: Everyday leaders, motivated by service, in every sector, including emerging leaders from marginalised groups. Women with a deep authenticity and integrity in their leadership, focused on a values-driven path, even if it is challenging.
Africa: A focus on a prosperous continent, where divides are bridged and leaders work across boundaries and borders to achieve a broader success.
This volume is filled with the stories of everyday African women – leaders – with a desire to bring a vibrant future to life. The work emerged out of a call for everyday African leadership stories for two separate volumes: Women and Governance. When the team realized that all the governance stories they had received were by women they decided to create a single volume showcasing African women’s leadership - influencing in a variety of spaces, from entrepreneurship to board governance, policy arenas, education and health - all while creating platforms for others and (de)constructing narratives of women and Africa in the process.
It is as much a feminist anthem and manifesto as it is a beacon to all Africans and others, of what is possible with a vision, a little faith and a lot of hard work.
The team believes that it is timely to be publishing this volume as we move towards the end of the African Union’s 2010 - 2020 AFRICAN WOMEN’S DECADE. It is time for African Women's contributions to the prosperity of our continent to be amplified. Documenting our stories in all their breadth and beauty, will bring new perspectives and possibilities and will provide a space of inspiration and togetherness for a future that values, respects and learns from African women.
The team put out the call for submissions in the context of what they called called their: Year of Voice. According to the team, they state "We envisioned adding our African Women’s voices to the call for change sweeping the world with movements rising against the tides of complacency and injustice. We hope this volume gives you the hope it sparked for us in the midst of our struggles in the process of editing and curating it."

As renowned Zimbabwean Journalist Davison Maruziva noted after reading it,"- these are:
"Riveting stories from Africa about the audacity of hope, the courage, determination and drive to push new frontiers even in the face of hardships and sometimes overt hostilities and frustrating challenges. These are stories of triumph against adversity and they all have a common thread - that it is possible to overcome the seemingly insurmountable."

Watch for the next call for submissions for We Will Lead Africa, Volume 3: Returnees.

For more information on We Will Lead Africa visit:
Twitter: @willleadafrica
IG: @wewillleadafrica

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