Thursday, March 7, 2013

Women Change the World Because....

We asked some of WCA's fabulous, amazing and inspiring friends to celebrate International Women's Day and Women's Herstory month with us! The women were asked to tell us "Why women changed the world?". We hope you are inspired by their words check them out on their websites to see the wonderful work they are doing, and appreciate the true beauties that they are inside and out!

Fatou Wurie, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Branding & Communications Strategist, Maternal & Newborn Activist, Artist. &

"... We are power filled, life givers with the immense capacity to survive despite and because of it all."

Laureen Delance, Maplewood, NJ(but Haitian at the heart and soul!)
Workforce Development Professional NYC DOE/Founder and HOPEster-in-chief of Hope 4 Cities

 "They are nurturers of individuals, educators of society, and cultivators of our future changemakers " 

Titian Rose-Whittle, Republic of Trinadad and Tobago
French Teacher, Centre for Language Learning, University of the West Indies

"Because we endure and we created it" 

                                                        Adeola Sonaike, MPH, CHE,  Nigeria
                                   Public health specialist, Social entrepreneur, Philanthropist

".....Because behind every comforting smile and selfless act of kindness there is a story of sacrifice and success that breathes love and light into the children of the next generation; within the heart of history, you will always find her story- Appreciate that you are a part of something bigger than self; your duty as a woman is to identify it, mold it and give it life."

Elizabeth Bello, RN, BSN
Lagos, Nigeria

"...We are the peacemakers and multitaskers with strengths in all the areas needed to face the most important challenges that the future is likely to hold"

Angela Barimah,  New York, NY
 Certified Child Life Therapist / Program Director
 "Women change the world because through us, the promise of a better future is born."

  Michelle A. Takyi, Ghana, West Africa by way of Newark, NJ
 Candidate for J.D. 2013; Legal Intern, Executive Director, Human Resource Services for Newark Public Schools

"....We possess the finisher’s touch—where there is chaos we bring balance, where there is repulsion we emanate beauty, and where there is lovelessness we offer compassion"

 Iyayi-Osazeme Oyegun (or simply Osazeme Oh),  Benin City/Lagos, Nigeria, Cape Town, RSA and NYC, USA, Jnr Consultant at UN World Food Programme. Actual profession 'traveling food interlocutor' 

".....WE understand that healthy flourishing branches can only sprout from strong connected roots systems"

Keisha Lamothe, New York, NY

"......When everything is falling apart, we understand that we have to stay strong not only for ourselves but also for the people who believe in us"

Olufisayo Adeyemi, 
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Nigeria/United States 

"We  can bear the weight of the world on our backs and do it ever so gracefully"

Jennifatu Crowther, Sierra Leone
Area Supervisor for the Office of Student Life at Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Deans List Recipient 

"...We are beautiful creations that our father has created to lead by example, teach, empower, to be bold and different, love, and to reproduce these traits to our future generations!"

Marlynne Bidos, Hong Kong, Attorney

 "...we sow the seeds that lead to the harvest of change; the status quo is never acceptable."


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