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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Event Alert: The UNWomen Commission on the Status of Women CSW58

Every year over 3,000 Non Governmental Organizations Gather at the United Nations in New York from all over the world, for the Commission on the Status of Women CSW 58 with one key objective for UNWomen the Gender entity of the United Nations to work together with women civil society organizations to advocate for policy dialogue on women's rights and empowerment, development, peace and security.

 As exciting a time this a lot of connections are made, policy documents drafted and overall women demand more clear and concise agendas to push for their rights.  This year is extremely important because in lieu of the  Post 2015 Development Agenda , it is time for Women's Civil Society organizations to push governments and their agendas to accelerate the MDG specifically focused on gender equality and empowerment in their respective countries. This platform provides for those types of conversations and connections to occur. If you happen to be around the New York City area here are more details on the 2 week event! 

WHAT: A yearly conference held at the United Nations for Women Civil Society Organizations, and participants interested in advancing the voices and rights of women around the world

WHO: For women and men interested in gender empowerment, those working in gender empowerment, and organizations looking to connect and network, share and learn about what NGOs all across the world are doing to enhance gender equality.  

WHEN: March 10-21 2014 

HOW: Find out about attending events by clicking here UNWomen-CSW58

**Note for events within the United Nations Building a UN pass is needed. However side events are open to the public**

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