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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CANDY SHOP: Tips & Tools From Her to You: Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

This month we asked some friends of Women Change Africa  to contribute to our topic for the month. Social Media as it grows can be a great resource as you build your brand whether it be a non profit or a business. We asked a few of our friends who were generous enough to share some tips and tools with us and we have some goodies in store for you all!


#1: Get "in" I mean get in and join the social media world via fb twitter, blogging Pinterest tumblr all for the sake of connecting with people that you may never get the chance to meet or converse with otherwise. It's either you're in or you're out.
#2: Remain accessible to people via your social medial outlets. Respond to messages tweets and emails. Don't make people feel like your account is a boring and stagnant one.
#3 I have this thing that I keep in the back of my medulla oblongota. That is, don't make it all business. I tweet and Facebook things about my business 75% of the time and the a other 25 is about me personally and other ransoms things. I also use that 25% to show love to other young biz owners or companies that I follow! Works like a charm because people get to to see updates regarding my business and also learn personal tid-bits about me (the person)
# 6: Keep your messages relevant, authentic, consistent and engaging to your specific brand
#7: Show gratitude to your followers 
#8 Be strategic about how you use your platform for e.g. Facebook may be used for personal and Twitter for business or vise versa just be consistent
#9 Set boundaries for Social Media Activity, it is easily to get consumed but remember to connect offline!

1. If you are a blogger and want to plan when you release your tweets, you can save time by scheduling your Tweets with sites such as or These sites are great but make sure you are also mixing it up and actually sharing content yourself, after all your audience will want to interact with you.
2. The website Klout is a good site for measuring your social media influence and brand
3. Use Pintrest to drive traffic to your site 
4. Use Storify to link all of your social media messaging on one platform

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 Thanks to Amin Ameen Photography, Here, There and Everywhere Events (HTE events), Mon Utopie Ideal The PR Company (MuiPR) and ConceptLink 

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