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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ankara Covered Journals+ Soy Candles: How Creative Writing is a form of self care

I have had an infatuation with Ankara covered journals for a very long time. Being that I live on this side of the globe where access to such items can be so daunting, I had given up the idea of even looking for one, after I tried creating my own and massively failed at it. In continuing my tips on self care, one of the most revolutionary acts for me when I am feeling really stressed out and just need an escape is writing. Not only do I love to write about African women and all things #Afrifem, but I also enjoy writing very fluffy things about love, life, travel, and some heavy things about pop culture an social issues etc. I have always found writing as my escape. What I did realize however is that any form of mundane rehearsed writing takes away my creative spirit, and from then on have learnt that I must write as my creative juices flow.

Cecret Candles by Sesima Kamara 

My writing gathered much strength when I got connected to my African Women Writers Community in Entebbe Uganda in 2014. I began to write and publish more than I had ever done before and in my lowest moments, and have found solace in writing in journals. Writing also has helped me to put my thoughts on paper that sometimes gather in my head which then ultimately gives me a release to clear my head and focus on other things. Now let's talk about setting the state and how energy is so important for one to destress. One of the things I enjoy doing is setting the scene before I begin to write. Whether it be with candles from my favorite candle make  Cecret Candles or  utilizing my favorite Ankara covered notebook from one of my favorite female owned brands in Sierra Leone Afrilosophy, the mood has to be right. And then I can write, write, write my heart out and reduce the stresses of the day or the moment. This month as we continue our self care series I urge you to think about the things that help you release stress and do them, even if you have stopped it is okay! Develop a promise to take better care of self this year. In the spirit of Valentine's day, what types of things do you do to balance out stress in your life and to show yourself love and care?

Ankara Journal from Etsy online 

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