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Whenever I meet a young African woman be it in Africa or in the diaspora who is doing amazing things I feel like the world needs to hear about her. Prior to launching Women Change Africa (WCA) I found myself talking and bragging about these women, to friends, family and basically anyone who was willing to listen. It would start with “I met this really awesome woman today and she owns this business, a wonderful family, and gives back to her community, raising amazing children, loves traveling etc" the list went on. I realized there wasn’t really a space that celebrated us young African women who were not only business owners but did a lot to help our communities. There wasn't a space to celebrate your well rounded everyday young African woman on the train in New York City , your flight to Tokyo, or your sidewalk in Freetown. I realized that more women once they heard these stories from me became inspired. To me these women are really changing their communities be it as a homemaker, owner of a nonprofit, doing a 9-5, owning a social enterprise the bottom line was that they were making huge strides in extraordinary ways to change lives; This in a sense is the WCA woman. Women Change Africa was born from this passion of sharing their stories. 

I really wanted a space where anyone could go and become inspired by hearing a story, while receiving resources they needed to jumpstart their own ventures.  WomenChangeAfrica is an African Women's Lifestyle Brand that focuses on celebrating the successes of young African women through an online media platform, connecting these women to resources and cultivating young African women to rebuild their communities through various community projects. Our change theory is that if women are celebrated, connected and cultivated change will occur in our communities. I hope you enjoy the journey of all the beauty we have to share with you. So sit tight and enjoy the ride as we show you some BossChiques, provide you with resources  and multiple avenues to give back all in the spirit of empowering African women and young girls.

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