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Thursday, September 20, 2018

This body and skin care Company produces ethical, organic skinfood

We meet the amazing Mahawa Kamara, based in the United Kingdom and founder of the Soap Connoisseur. Mahawa is inspired by faith, family and business and this is what drives what she does with SC. We are proud to share her story and some insights from her business on this month's Bosschiques Build Series. 

WCA: Our theme this year is African Women Build and as a young African woman on the continent it is exciting to see you building your company Soap Connoisseur. Tell us about the concept of Soap Connoisseur what inspired it?

SC:  I was inspired whilst on maternity leave after having my little girl. I was in between jobs and struggling to find something to bath my daughter with. I came across soapmaking and fell in love with process of using natural oils and butters to form an everyday functional product.

WCA: Who is the ideal Soap Connoisseur?

SC: it is ideal for the individual who wants to live an organic lifestyle is looking for luxury everyday products , that are organic to be incorporated into their lifestyle

WCA: Why soap and which of the products that you make is your favorite and why?

SC: Soap is an everyday product , that we sometimes take for granted and being able to turn it into something unique and the craftmanship behind product creation is very exciting. The soap are many favorite, there is some much you can do and make with them , the possibilities are endless.

WCA: Faith is such a huge part of your business. Why is faith so important and how does it impact your business decisions?

SC: Yes it is. Faith is my foundation , I really started my business by faith as I had no idea what I was doing , I was on state benefit and desired more for myself . After praying about the idea , I took the bold step to start the soap connoisseur and haven’t looked back since. Faith impacts everything I do , including my business. I make sure that my business honors God , I pray over my business and the decisions I take first before taking them. Having faith and using my faith , has built my confidence and given me the direction I need.

WCA:  How important is self-care to your business and share 2 self-care tips that you share with your clients with us?

SC: Self care is so important to us, we are all about taking care of yourself and the skin you live in , so you can be the best you. We encourage our clients to always take time out to rest and pamper themselves , this helps to replenish your mind and get reconnected with yourself. Two self care tips will be use Sunday as your self care day , set some time aside in the evening , run yourself a bath , pamper your skin by double cleansing and indulge in some serious me time. The second one will be use a body brush and dry brush before taking a bath , it will make a huge difference to you and that extra glow.

WCA: Any advice for women entrepreneurs starting out in this industry?
SC: Where do I start . Be clear about what you are offering and do you research , once you are a clear on how you solve the customers problems , the other things tend to fall into place. Be confident and focus and be open to partnerships . always ask for help and find a mentor.

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