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Sunday, February 25, 2018

5 things to do before you build your online personal brand

We have all heard the same story of this concept of Personal branding but here at WCA we firmly believe in branding in the most authentic way. This means cultivating our truest inner selves and building our character, having a clear sense of what our value systems are. We define your personal brand simply as all that encompasses who you are. Here are 5 questions you should go through when you are developing and thinking of your personal brand prior to going online. 

Who are you?
Think about who you really are, what makes you different, what are your values that you won't compromise. What are the qualities about you that you want to share with the world? Are you someone who has a heart for service? Do you like dogs? Do you like to travel? Are you a hardworking person? Think of the things that make you stand out. 

 What is your ultimate goal and what does success look like for you?                              
This is important, before you even can go forward with sharing your brand with the world, you want to be clear about what is the goal for your brand? Do you want to share knowledge on cooking? Do you want to host mentoring circles with young women? What is it that you want to do. Also it is about thinking about what does it mean for your brand to be successful? Will you build a strong community of people who resonate with your brand? Will you be able to sell your products? etc.

What areas of your work do you want to be known for?
There may be many skills that you possess but building your personal brand is about figuring out what do people come to you mostly for and what services or products you want to sell. This is important because then you can know if you have achieved your branding goals in a timely manner. For instance if you are a really good writer for instance you may want to write and publish books.

Where do you want to add value to the area's of others?
Value, value, value providing value is so critical in business, career and even in the non for profit field. What is it that you want to do to impact the lives of others? Do you want to make transportation easy for school going children? Do you want to provide nutritional baby food? What is it that you will do to change the current landscape of the people that you serve. Think of what value you will provide to others and then decide on how you would go about providing that value. 

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