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Monday, October 16, 2017

5 Apps Built by African Women, by Tatiana Kombo

Women entrepreneurs are a key driving force in Africa’s current and future prosperity. Sustainable economic development depends on gender equality, the empowerment of women, and the amplification of their voices and entrepreneurial endeavours. Several initiatives, such as She Leads Africa continue to successful foster a culture of business innovation among African women. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Africa has the highest number of women entrepreneurs relatively to other continents. These five applications are examples of contributions African women have made to the tech space in their native countries, thus accelerating their economic empowerment:
  1. FashPa Online
Founder Honey Ogundeyi is revolutionising online retail in Africa with FashPa, which is short for “fashion parade.” By becoming an important contributor to the Nigerian fashion market, as well as its tech industry, she is intent on ensuring a legacy of first class retail business in Africa, by Africans.
  1. Jumia Ivory Coast/Jumia Nigeria
Founder Fatoumata Ba launched her online retail platform Jumia Ivory Coast in 2013. Soon after, it became the fastest growing African e-commerce site with more than 500,000 monthly unique visitors. Fatoumata later took on the role of  Managing Director at Jumia Nigeria, the largest e-commerce site on the continent in market share, employees and revenues. Customers across Africa have the opportunity to purchase everything from consumer electronics, to  fashion, home appliances and beauty products. She is currently in the Jumia Executive Committee, and has been featured in Forbes Africa 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30, amongst other notable awards.
  1. Lizzie’s Creations
Founder Elizabeth Kperuun created her company in order to develop mobile and web applications aimed at the education and development of women and children in Africa. Lizzie’s Creations utilizes digital innovation to educate children on their continent’s languages, heritage and history. The Nigerian company is best known for its interactive storytelling app, “AfroTalez.” More recently, Lizzie’s Creations has launched “Teseem,” an app that teaches young children their first words in Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba and English.
  1. Loue 1 Voiture
Founder Nour Drissi’s company is the first online platform that allows you to reserve a car from hire companies in Morocco. The company provides full service car rental at the most affordable rates in order to save time. Loue 1 Voiture, French for “rent a car,” accompanies you through the car rental process, offering comprehensive pricing comparisons over thousands of offers, therefore making it significantly easier and safer to successfully select and book a car.
  1. Tress
Co-founders Priscilla Hazel, Esther Olatunde and Cassandra Sarfo, all software developers, created a social community mobile app targeted at black women seeking hair inspiration and advice. Hailing from Ghana and Nigeria, the female trio wanted to  address the lack of information on the styling of black hair, providing their users with stunning visuals of hairstyles, as well as specific information on products, stylists and pricing in their localities. Addressing diversity within the black community, the app refreshingly feature a range of natural hairstyles.

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