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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Maintaining Your Joy & Handling end of year stress

As the end of the year comes closer to an end, it can be very easy for one to become overwhelmed and stressed out. We know the feeling, but the key is re-visiting your yearly plan to ensure you are checking off those things you said you wanted to take care of, and not losing your cool if you don't get to everything. We wanted to share 3 tips on how we try our best to balance what we call "year end crase". 

1. Review your annual strategic plan and prioritize 

Reviewing your plan can be overwhelming but we always advise Bosschiques to do quarterly reviews of what they set out to do and adjust appropriately. You know what you can handle and only you know the types of challenges that have come your way. It is never too late to review your plan at times seeing all of the things you set out to accomplish getting those check marks can alleviate some anxiety. In addition to the things you have accomplished, there may be those you haven't. Don't panic, simply prioritize, being that you have 3 months left for the year to roll out, 

2. Remember everyone has a different year plan:

For us here at WCA our year begins on international women's month in march and ends in march. This means we usually don't go so much with the mainstream year end crase when it comes to projects and deliverables  and it helps us stay focused. 

3. Reward yourself by taking a self-care check in:

You all know how big we are on self care. We advise that you do something a bit different this time of the year than your usual self care. If you can manage a short getaway trip and you don't usually do those take one! If you can take that hot yoga class at the gym instead of just taking cycling classes do so! Try and do something different to take care of self and you will have a non routine and mundane experience which should help re-energize you to finish strong. 

4. Rely on your sisterhood and support networks: 
Sometimes it takes a quick phone call, lunch, hangout to get us out of our stressful zones. Even when things seem overwhelming we know the power of hanging out with some of our girlfriends, and just a touch base and how much of an impact that can have on reducing our stress levels. So make love & sisterhood evenings a thing!

Photocredit Afroelle magazine 

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