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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#BornKinkyDealwithit: Africans Gone Natural's Campaign

This month WCA had a quick chat with Africans Gone Natural on their latest campaign #BornKinkyDealwithit  

In speaking to the co-founders of the organization Cynthia Amo and Olivia Frempong. They both share  that On October 1st, AfricansGoneNatural  Inc, launched our #BornKinkyDealWithIt campaign in light of events that took place over the summer in South Africa, where girls were banned from attending school due to rocking their natural hair.  The founder notes "Prior to this incident, our main mission from day one in May 2015 has been to help bring awareness, acceptance, education and empowerment in regards to Natural hair to women and girls worldwide.  With this recent event, we felt it was time to move this initiative forward with full force."  

We asked the ladies of the organization to share the top three reasons we should all be paying close attention to the campaign and here is what they had to say about the campaign: 

#BKDWI Empowers girls and women to embrace their God given hair!

AGN: At AfricansGoneNatural, our whole motive was to help young girls and women learn to embrace their God given hair. We live in a society that has developed its own social "norms" and we identified the need to spread awareness to the fact that natural hair is and should be accepted in all aspects of society. For many years, women of African descent amounted to straightening their hair with relaxers and so when the boom of natural hair women occurred, there was negative feedback. Slowly the number of women desiring to have hair return to its natural state has increased, and it is our passion in helping women embrace this. When the case in South Africa occurred it affected us personally as it spoke volumes to confirm the very reason why we do what we do to help enlighten women with the need to come to terms that it is okay to accept the way your hair grows on your head.

#BKDWI Educates people on the treatment and maintenance of their hair

AGN: Along with the desire to enlighten people with the acceptance of natural hair it's also our mission to help educate people on how to care for, treat and maintain their natural hair. We provide support daily through our various media streams with hair care and maintenance tips as well as do it yourself recipes in an effort to help inform people on how to maintain their natural mane. This serves as a way to encourage and unite the natural hair community by bringing natural hair divas together.

#BKDWI Invokes a mindset and cultural paradigm shift on the issue of hair

AGN:Last but not least our mission at AfricansGoneNatural is to help people worldwide internalize that there is more "Beyond the Kink." Natural hair is only one of the most empowering things that a young girl or woman can possess. Our goal at AFRIKINKY is to help women embrace their natural hair and in term apply their fierceness to other aspects of their lives such as fitness, business, education and spiritual. Our goal is to inevitably incorporate all areas of their lives to empower and excel them to be the very best that they can be, to thrive in this society to help make an impact. We hope that through our #BORNKINKYDEALWITHIT campaign, we can help initiate this movement and help made a change in this world.

We wish the campaign well and we hope you all stay connected with the movement. You can follow more on the campaign @Africansgonenatural via Instagram. 
Images Courtesy of @Africangonenaturals 

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