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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Celebrating Sisterhood on our 1 Year Anniversary

Us women have to value what we have, for WCA sisterhood is really important. As part of celebrating Women Change Africa's one year anniversary, WCA celebrated with a photo shoot with no other than some of the most fabulous women in my life (there are quite a lot) but for starters we stuck to these 5! The goal was to bring these women together and celebrate the essence of who they truly are and what WCA stands for Sisterhood, Beauty, Love, Community, Success and of course Bosschique(ism). We hope you enjoy the photos and that they serve as an inspiration to you all in your communities to embrace each other and value the women around you.

All photos taken by WCA friend Amin Ameen of
Make up by Victoria Dada of


  1. Sisterhood is very important! You all look amazing! Great photos.


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