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Thursday, March 7, 2013

10 love things you must do to celebrate Women on March 8th

International Women's Day is a big day for Women Change Africa, it is the month we were born, and also the month that celebrates women. So we thought some fun things you could do for March 8th and wanted to share this with you all. Enjoy.

1. Go see a movie by yourself, and have a mini cupcake after

2. Go to the Brooklyn museum if you are in brooklyn and visit the last supper women exhibit

3. Call a girl friend up and tell her how much you appreciate her or send a thank you note to a woman you appreciate

4. Write I love you in pink lipstick on your bathroom mirror and keep it there all day

5.  Treat you and one of your girlfriends to a manicure

6. Pick a woman who has made change and share her story on your favorite social media platform

7. Ask your mother or a female role model in your life about what inspires her

8. Write down a personal one line creedo completing the sentence "I am woman and I will change the world by....."

9. Host a brunch and charge a fee to raise money for a cause such as  or any amazing cause supporting women around the world.

10. Attend an event online! Check out "Redifining the Contemporary African Woman" Hosted by WCA friend Jemila Abdulai. Follow the link to register: Re-Defining the Contemporary African Woman

Dont forget to tell us on facebook what you are doing to celebrate at or twitter @WCAWorld


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